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Deities, also known as gods or goddesses, are the powers that, according to almost the entire population of the known multiverse, rule the multiverse. There are however groups of people who believe that there are powers behind the powers. That aside, this category is where all the deities and items related to deities will be shown.

Ysgardian-Native Deities

Associated with Asgard: Baldur | Bragi | Forseti | Frigga | Frey | Freya | Heimdallr | Loki | Idun | Njord | Odin | Sif | Skadi | Thor | Tyr | Uller

Other: Aegir | Hel | Kord | Merric | Olidammara | Shaundakul | Surtur | Thrym

Other Deities with Influence in Ysgard

Almara | Bahamut | Eilistraee | Kiaransalee | Lloth | Shagarath | Sune | Vhaerun

Other Deities with a Shrine or Temple on Ysgard

Clangeddin Silverbeard | Mikon | Senath

Further Information

To contact a DM about more information on a particular Deity, see our contact list on the Ysgard boards.


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