Getting Started In Hala

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Getting Started in Hala in Five Quick Steps

1. To obtain a password, fill out this application.

2. If you also wish to register for an account on the Hala forum you can do that here.

3. Before creating your character, read the Rules.

4. Before logging on to create a character, make sure you have all the hakpaks.

5. To create a character, read: Character Creation

Need to Know

Rules - Rules of Conduct. All Hala players are expected to know these rules.

Gruush's Role Playing Guide - Excellent tips on how to roleplay a character in NWN

GMT Converter - Tool to help you be on time

Abbreviations - Used on this wiki and in the forums

System Requirements - To play on Hala and CoPaP in general

Neverwinter Nights Online Detailed Player Information

Neverwinter Nights @ gamebanshee -- Use this instead of the users manual. Much easier

Neverwinter Nights FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions about bioware's Neverwinter Nights

Bioware's Player's Guide to Persistent Worlds - What is a Persistent World?

Lord Xyphus' Neverwinter Grimoire -- It includes information the manuals does plus corrections and more from the 2DA's.

Interviews Comments and Accolades about the Islands of Hala