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Please remember all discussions on IRC are completely Out of Character. Nothing said on the IRC channel should be considered information which can be used In Character. Its main purpose is as a place where you can talk with DMs and other players. The only place In Character information can be shared apart from in the game itself is on the forums via In Character private messaging, and the In Character section of the forums. In brief: Anything said on IRC is out of character information, and must NEVER be used In Character. Doing so is considered a form of metagaming


The most popular client for connecting to IRC is mIRC on Windows, and XChat on Linux. You can also use a web interface written in, and requiring the installation of, Java. Click to launch the Stratics Java Client


Connect via to get a random Stratics Server. Or use a server below to get a more stable, localized connection:          USA, Colorado  Ports: 6667 6668 7000         USA, Colorado  Ports: 6667 6668 7000     USA, Texas     Ports: 6667 6668            EU, Germany    Ports: 6667 6668


After connecting to one of the servers listed in the section above, you can enter the #hala channel by using the following command:

/join #Hala