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Climate: Temperate
Ecology: Plains/Coastal
Government: Mageoracy
Size: Large City
Education: High
Economy: Wealthy
Average Race: Human
Average Class: Wizard, Fighter
Borders: Takaii, South Camp, the Great Divide, and the Sagrin Jelf Road.
Location: Bergs of Hala

Nagritch is one of the largest cities on Ysgard and is the only one to have survived The Sundering. The people of Nagritch are wary of outsiders and those who practice religion.

Market District

Places of Note

Norik and the various pack animals he offers to adventures.
Norik and the various pack animals he offers.
Budo's Big Fancy Stones at night, as seen from a nearby tree.
Budo's Big Fancy Stones as seen from a nearby tree.
The Nagritch open air market as seen from the residential district.
The Nagritch open air market as seen from the residential district.

Norick’s Pack Animals: Not actually in the market proper, Norick Blake runs his business from a barn along the eastern wall. Travelers and craftsmen can hire pack animals of various types to help in transporting heavy loads. His brother and business partner Dorrik Blake runs the pack animal business in Naldanskar.

Ficus Alchemy: Gene Ficus sells alchemy supplies of various sorts.

Meriam’s Fantastic Staves: Meriam Mugner stocks a selection of magic staves. No self respecting Wizard is without one.

Ancient’s Tower: The Ancient’s Tower used to rise high above Nagritch and connect it to Mirtho Rest. The tower was mostly destroyed when the crystal it housed exploded. Now days the remains of the crystal are still studied. The study team is overseen by Elyl Wengevis.

The Open Book Inn: Lolinar Kedmero offers beds as a free service to the patrons of the bar. The beds are four to a room and offer no security, but a bed is a bed. Several of the locals such as Nark and Caluriel Rydraluin enjoy relaxing in the bar and playing the occasional game of blackjack.

Hirk Dutter’s Liteary Works: The ‘famous’ Hirk Dutter sells a selection of books and a few scrolls.

Budo’s Big Fancy Stones: Budo Vickle runs a jewelry business selling gems, jewelry supplies for the budding jeweler.

The Mage’s Best Friend: Nagritch’s newest and most unusual store. Uniewienia Teglennolen offers the unique service of polymorphing a familiar into a different form.

Open Air Market: There are also several open stalls in the market place where Ramir Jarinsbane, Baron Fenden, Mathan and Hella Mard all ply their various wares.

Locals of Note

Sgt. Kelan: Kelan is responsible for running the city watch.
Isiovien: Dressed in yellow, Isiovien spends her time wandering the market and talking with passers-by.

Residential District

A stark contrast to the market, the residential district is a quiet place.

Government District

Many buildings in the government district are still under construction. The courthouse has been completed and is usually empty except for when court is in session.

University District

Places of Note

The Nagritch University at night: Military Academy, Library and High Magic Building.
The Nagritch University at night: Military Academy, Library and High Magic Building.

Games Arena: The Games Arena is a place for students to relax and engage in contests of both strength and wit. The university provides an arena for duels as well as two chess boards with magically animated life sized peaces.

University Offices: This is the administration building of the university. The book store is on the ground floor while faculty offices are upstairs.

Museum of Science and History: Standing on a large hill, the museum is easily the tallest building in Nagritch. The exhibits are a wonder to behold and the top of the museum tower boasts a large observatory.

High Magic Building and Lecture Halls: Lectures and research are conducted in this building. The classrooms are well appointed and there is plenty of room for study. The basement classes are kept locked for security and safety.

University Library The libarary has a large collection of books and several private rooms for study. People wishing to conduct research on a wide variety of topics are drawn to the library from across the plane.

Vocational School: The vocational school provides spaces for the teaching and practice of various crafts.

Military Academy: The martial arm of the university is the military academy. All Nagritch guards graduate form the academy, with very rare exceptions. The top students can expect to be considered for more attractive jobs such as personal security to some of the more powerful mages in the city.

Faculty and Staff

Rickard Leyman: An important and powerful man, Rickard Leyman is head of the university.

Samuel Meyer: The position of Bursar is held by Samuel Meyer. He has little interest in teaching.

Alexis Sand: Alexis Sand is dean of the university

Susan Hambleton: Susan Hambleton is one of the lecturers at the university.

Fellem Weedsbane: The task of Groundskeeper is done by Fellem Weedsbane. He often hires students to help with a few odd jobs.

Nashina Undt: Classes at the Military Academy are taken by Nashina Undt.

Kelinee Fryar: Kelinee runs the university bookstore and also sells Nagritch U sweaters.

Alette: Tending to the exhibits In the museum is an important responsibility, one that Alette takes very seriously.

Elor Selener: Elor is one of the librarians.

Tred: Tred is responsible for acquiring and cataloging new books for the university library.