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Aria Dy'ner Greftlyn
Gender: Female
Age: Unsure of but she guesses around 300
Deity: Sune
Race: Elf
Affiliations: Defenders of Ysgard, Temple of Sune, Tower of Iron Will, STAR


Aria is a petitioner here on Hala. She is originally from a town called Darkmere in a great forest called Ardain. She never knew the name of the “home plane” she came from, but the forest stretched for hundreds of miles from coast to coast and for hundreds of miles north and south. The trees within Ardain are huge, ancient trees (think Sequoias in California) that some were hollowed out to make houses with additions built into them.

The village was in the central area of the forest more at a crossroads for central travel, yet not so large as to be a city. Mainly it was populated by elves, but some humans and dwarves lived there as well. The village was governed by a chieftain of sorts. (If you have read Peter Tremayne’s Sister Fidelma series her village is like 7th century Ireland). The children were taught how to read a write by the bards of the village who after a number of years outside the village, returned to teach the children.

Aria’s family are as far as she knows still living. Her parents were blessed with two children, Arcus, Aria’s older brother and of course Aria herself. Arcus is a ranger in service to village and protects the village from outside attacks or threats.

Aria’s first love was a half elf named Peter Flutesong, who was Arcus’s best friend and childhood playmate of the two siblings.

Aria remembers her childhood and youth in Darkmere, but has no memory of what befell her afterward, her death or anything until she met Seamus in the Starlight Inn.

Her adventures here have been many and she has helped to find the Artifacts of the Ages and to gather the Shards to help reforge the Sword that killed the Aspect of Fenrir. She is a member of the Defenders of Ysgard. She is also a follower of Sune, Goddess of Love and Beauty, as she realized that she had been drawn to the Lady during her dealings with the search for the Artifacts. Currently, she is also a student at the Tower of Iron Will exploring the Mental Arts to see if they can give new depths to her songs and music.

Most recently she fell in love with and married Luke Greftlyn. Their marriage was brief as Luke was killed shortly afterward.


She is like a Fairy Tale Princess. She believes in True Love and fairy tale Happily Ever After endings. She’s curious, intelligent, charming and loving. Aria cares deeply for her “family” here on Hala and her friends she’s made from other planes (mainly Arkaz). She would give all of herself for them and most specifically for Alexis Dufresne Montjoie. She would do anything to make sure Lexy got/gets what he wants and currently is pursuing anything to get Sceluscio Potementia together with Lexy.


Aria is petite for her race, being a bit shorter than normal for the females of her kind. Her hair is red gold in color and when unbound ends about her waist. The texture is silky and smooth. It is fine, but not baby fine and would be very thick if the texture were heavier. It curls slightly on the tips. She always wears it up in a bun at the base of her neck, the hair sticks matching her outfit. Her eyes are periwinkle blue and usually have a hint of mischief hidden in their depths. Her build is slender, as most elves are, but also of an athletic nature again like you see in a gymnast or a dancer. A scar graces her left wrist and on her right thigh. Her hands are feminine with graceful long fingers, but the pads are callused due to her playing harp and guitar. Sometimes they are even ink stained if she's been writing a lot. She has an alto, lower range soprano singing voice and her speaking voice is in the alto range, unless she's trying to get your attention and then it carries across a room.

She fights either with a longsword or bow. (Her weapons of choice) She very much can charge into a fight (like a small bull) or stays to the back providing support with her bow. And of course she sings inspiring songs to her comrades or curses the enemy.