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Vital Statistics

Name: Dae Tir’einer
Race: Moon Elf
Height: 5ft, 3in
Weight: 125 lbs.
Hair Color: Snowy White
Eye Color: Sky Blue
Build: Lean, and Athletic
Skin tone: Very Fair, borderline pale white.
Blue marbling streaks can be seen, like most moon elves


Dae is a fair skinned Moon Elf, with White hair. No one for sure knows were the white coloration came from, but family legend speaks of once every few generations, one will be born with hair as fine as snow, and great accomplishments are in their future. His sky blue eyes are a stark contrast to his white lochs. He stands 5 ft 3, and weights 125 lbs. His build is lean and athletic from the years of helping his parents with the trading company, and general store they owned in Mosstone, a city along the Trade Way in the country of Tethyr on the Swordcoast of Faerun.


Dae loves all life, and would willing sacrifice himself to save a love one or friend. He is good nature, often quite, and drifts into his own thoughts when looking at the beauty of the world around him. But don’t take this as a sign of weakness, for when he has to defend himself or fellows, he will do so until the enemy is slain.


A crescent moon was rising into the night’s sky, bathing the forest glen with its partial silver light. The Tears that follow Selune on her nightly trek were just starting to cross into the threshold of night, and on any other night Dae would stop to admire the beauty of it all. But not this night, he stood there next to a small pool, waiting for his love to arrive. She was a Gold Elf name Alyssa, and her family was on the Council of the elven city hidden in the Wealdeth, and as such their love was forbidden, not to mention the ultimate act of defiance that they were about to commit. An act that would bind the two of them together for eternity, the ancient Elven Marriage Ceremony.

Nervousness, and the cool evening wind, crept into him, making him shiver slightly, as he waited longer for her to arrive; the moon had almost reached its zenith when he heard a stick break off to the side on the glen. He turned to see his love approach him, a smile on her face. She was wearing her traveling clothes, fine tooled leathers and homespun cotton, and her old leather bag was with her. In the 100 years that the 2 of then knew each other, he had never seen her with out it. The two of them quickly closed distance, and embraced, kissing each other, and exchanging lover’s pleasantries.

“It is good to see you Alyssa. What kept you?”

“My Father suspects something,” She said to him and her nightingale voice, “But the affairs of state keep him busy tonight.”

“That is good to hear…,” Dae says with a hint of nervousness. “Is it ready? Did you bring the scroll with you,” he asked her.

“I did,” she said handing him a parchment from her bag she brought with her, “tonight let the magic of this ceremony guide us.” She tenderly reached up and kisses him on the check. She steps back and kneels by the water’s edge preparing herself for the coming spell.

With one last smile, Dae gazes at his soon to be wife, thoughts of their future together drift through his head, as he too turns and kneels by the pond’s edge. Slow and ritualistically, Dae starts reading the ancient words of Elven Magic. A silver and gold mist soon fills the glen that the two lovers are in, and the outlines of the Holy Symbols of the Selderaine, the pantheon of elven powers, flow out of the water to take up positions around the couple. Primal magic is unleashed, as the two disappear in the fog.

Chanting can now be heard from the fog as the two recite their vows to one another, pledging their undying love to one another, and uniting themselves to each other, mental, physical, and emotionally. After what seems hours to the two of them, the fog rises and dissipates into twinkling motes of silver, and gold. All that is left is the two lovers, wrapped in each other arms.

Several days later, Dae is working in the outer storeroom of his parents business, behind the main store. He doesn’t notice the carriage pulling to the storefront bearing Alyssa and her Father, but he feels her presence near him. Setting down the sack of grain, he turns and heads towards the store to meet her inside.

“There’s the culprit now,” her Father says, the bitterness in his voice is undisguised. “I have no idea why my daughter would fall in love with a lowly Moon Elf.” Dae had walked into a fire storm, or that is what he felt. His parents, and Alyssa continued to talk, and the conversation was quickly becoming heated. Dae stood there, unable to move or to speak, while Alyssa was softly crying off to the side.

“Now, I may not be able to undo what has been done,” he says with scorn, “but I demand a Father’s right. I demand that Dae prove himself.” Without saying a word he pulls out a parchment and Alyssa’s traveling bag, and hands it to Dae. “If you come back alive I will honor the ceremony, and do be quick for my daughter is already with child. I wouldn’t want some Moon Elf bastard running around fatherless, even though I despise this.” He turns and walks for the door, dragging Alyssa behind him. She waves, and whispers her final goodbye, and her love to him.

Staring at the door that his wife just went trough, Dae unknowing goes and sits at a stool near the counter. The pain radiating from Alyssa, through their emotional bond, was unbearable, and kept him from talking, or doing any action. It is a long time before Dae opens the parchment to read what is on it. It is a map, and a few lines in elven, that read:

“Find the answer you are looking for. The honor you lost when you in secret married my daughter. When you have done so, I will honor your marriage then, and only then. You should have asked, I would of said yes. I would do anything for my daughter.”

Shortly after the events detailed above, Dae left Tethyr, and started his journey. He traveled north headed for Waterdeep, but he never made it. Two days out from Mosstone, he stumbles across a wizard’s duel. Trying to stay out of the battle, Dae makes his way around them. Unfortunately, a backlash happens, and sends him to Mirtho Rest.

Dae is now a resident of Hala, and seeks to learn of himself, and eventually a way back to Toril.

OOC Notes:

Dae’s background was approved by the Hala team. He is a Prime, who turned into an unexpected Planewalker.