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Dorak Belithagard
Gender: Male
Age: Older than you
Deity: None yet
Race: Dwarf
Affiliations: Deputy in the Heidabyr Guard


Born in Hangate, Dorak was tasked with keeping the tunnels and mines clear of vermin like rats and goblins due to his small size. This required him to be alone much of the time while he hunted down the lairs and dens of these creatures.

After many years of this low paying and often underappreciated job, he decided to leave the mines and seek his fortune outside of Hangate.


Often called a sourpuss by other dwarves, Dorak never developed "people" skills due to his long years of being alone in the tunnels.

Grumbling and cursing is usually all that is heard from him. However, occasionally a kind deed or word slips through revealing the true dwarf inside. Usually when this happens, a long period of grumbling and cursing follows it.


Dirty and unkempt is how most people describe Dorak. From his goblin ear necklace to the rat skulls dangling from his ears, he is the picture of unclean. Red hair and beard cover much of his face, except for his eyes which are a startingly bright blue.

Short and skinny for a dwarf, he was often called runt by his clan. Being called that now set him off in a rage that usually doesn't end till someone is visitng their god.