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Occupation: Warrior-Druid of Sunnis
Race: Human
Class 1: Fighter
Class 2: Druid
Gender: Male
Age: 18
Birthplace: Unknown (Grew up on Nidavellir, lower layer of Ysgard)
Deity: Sunnis


Ghu'rock is a large muscular human, heavy-built and has well-chiseled features. His voice is low and gravelly, and he wears a suit of heavy plate armor. His weapon of choice is the maul, heavy and solid it deals massive amounts of bludgeoning damage and is the choice weapon of his clan.


Ghu'rock's personality is tough, though he's friendly and compassionate toward others. He'll help those in need, especially if the cause is towards the betterment of nature.


It's not known where Ghu'rock originally came from, but he somehow ended up on the third layer of Ysgard, Nidavellir. He was found by a group of earth ruvoka who traveled there from the Elemental Plane of Earth. The clan, known as the zathosi, took him in and raised them as one of the clan's own. They taught him the ways of the earth; the strength of the earth. They also taught him the ways of Sunnis, also known as the Princess of Good Earth Creatures. Soon he adopted Sunnis as the model of all he wished to become. Though he has never been to the Inner Plane, he feels as much a part of it than the ruvoka.

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