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Full Name: Alexis Dufresne Montjoie

Race: Elf

Gender: Male

Age: He does not know. As Humans reckon age, he looks to be about twenty-five

Deity: Emphatically none

Vocation: Swashbuckler

Birthplace: He does not know



The Tower of Iron Will

Sometime in the first few weeks of his appearance on Hala, Lexy met Sceluscio Potementia, and became interested in his abilities and his "school", the Tower of Iron Will, on Ysgard. Through this connection, Lexy met and became friends with Sigo and Egil and Caius, and later Xune, though his friendship with Caius has ended. Though an unlikely Psion for several reasons, not least of which are his untidy mind, impulsive nature, and frail physique, he nevertheless felt drawn to the art, and seems to have an affinity for a certain few particular aspects of it. He is now a very dilligent but erratic student who struggles hard for every advance.

Slowly but surely his persistance has paid off and his Psionic ability has improved. He now has his own rooms at the Tower and is proud that he has been given the position of Ambassador there. He considers the Tower of Iron Will to be his home, and has moved out of the room he previously rented at Dala and Asben's estate near Mirtho Rest. He has a great loyalty to the Tower, and works hard to advance its status and interests. He continues to study, for he still struggles, and still has a great deal more to learn.

Society of Theatre Arts and Regalia

Though not a member, Lexy is a patron of S.T.A.R., and attends every function he can. He wears his passion pin proudly, actively participates in guild discussions, and volunteers to assist in whatever way he can.

History - Past Adventures:

Former Life

Prior to Arriving on Hala/Ysgard

Lexy arrived with no memory of his former life. From the beginning, Lexy has been determined to discover his past. Occasionally he recalls bits and pieces when something similar happens to trigger them, and the rebel Drow healer Elly assisted him in recalling a little by the use of familiar scents. He has discussed with Sceluscio the possibility of Psionic memory recovery; Secluscio has said he is willing to attempt it, and plans for this are going forward. In the meantime, Lexy has been slowly piecing together parts of his past, often through his vivid dreams, and once through a frightening visitor. He knows a good deal more about his history now than he did when he arrived, and not all of it is to his liking, but he is still as determined as ever to find out the rest.

History - Recent Adventures:


Alexis Dufresne Montjoie, or "Lexy" for short, awakened in the Starlight Inn on Hala wearing only a plain gold wedding band and a puzzled look, for he had no memory of his former life. Upon leaving the inn he met Sara and Tris, who informed him that he was a "petitioner", and that he had died, and that this was an afterlife, and that it was not unusual for petitioners to recall nothing. Sara very kindly took it upon herself to assist in equipping him, and gave him, among other things, a fancy rapier.

Once equipped, Lexy set off to explore his surroundings and more importantly to learn all he could about the history, the people, and the political situation in his new home. He spent a lot of time meeting and getting to know people, asking questions and listening to talk and stories. He was impressed by a winged Halfling named Antara who knew much of interest (and who had beautiful eyes); he has not seen her for some time now, and he misses her.

He also tried his sword against some of the threats of this new place, such as goblins and bandits, though he steadfastly refused to go near the swamp (citing mud) or the beetle farm (saying nothing could induce him to do anything so disgusting as squeezing the juice out of dead beetles). He soon discovered that he was quite good with both the rapier and the whip.

Lexy has made many friends in his short time on Hala, among them Teron, Soleis, Redda and Manathor, Davilia, Seamus and Elly, Lucus and Varian, Dimwick, Corwin and Jenai, Jalya, Myra, Serenyddion and others. He has been rumored to be romantically linked with several ladies, including Star and Lilliana. He has made few enemies.

Lexy continues to make friends. Among these are Rykolyn, Aria, Rali, Morgan, Peter, and Lalant. His friendship with Sceluscio has deepened; this friendship is clearly a very highly valued and fulfilling one for him.

Lexy has already been involved in several adventures, and is currently involved in a few ongoing ones. Hopefully accounts of these will be added as time permits.

Much has happened since the above was written. Lexy has lost some friends to death, such as Elly and Varian, while others have disappeared, although he still holds out hope of seeing them again, such as Sigo and Dimwick and Teron. He has made new friends, too, among them Aranel, Dan'eth, Nerice, Legs, Shani and Ash.

On Lexy Himself


Overall: Lexy is very, vey beautiful, with the usual Elvish preternatural gorgeousness, but even for an Elf he is particularly, strikingly handsome. He is obviously, even quintessentially (at least in his looks) Elvish; with no hint of an admixture of any other race. Despite his foppish appearance he does not seem effeminate; his manner is virile and self-assured. He is a genuinely sexy man.

Hair: His hair is long, thick, and curly, a bright, rich auburn in color. It falls a bit past his shoulders. He often wears it loose, and even when he does do decorative braids he very seldom ties it back completely, so that it almost always frames his face to some extent. He has no hair on his chest.

Skin: His skin is silky and flawless except for his scars, and very pale, of a cool, translucent hue. He bruises easily, and has no freckles.

Scars: His scars show white against his skin. He has very notable scarring at his left side just below the ribs, and obvious scars also on his chest in the vicinity of the heart, and on the front of his left shoulder. He has a scar on his right hand in the thumb part of his palm, and faint scars across the insides of both wrists. These all look as if they are blade-scars of one sort or another.

Build: His body is slim and delicate, his movements very graceful and decisive. He always seems, quite naturally, to come to rest in decorative postures. Though small, his body is beautiful, that of a man who works hard to stay as fit as possible. He carries no excess fat, and his muscles are smooth and hard and well-defined. He does not have the look of a body-builder by any means, but rather the look of a professional dancer or gymnast. He has a particularly fine rear (it's the other contender for best feature).

Short even for an Elf, he nevertheless holds himself proudly, and stands straight in order to look as tall as he can. A glance at his foot-wear reveals not only high heels, but also a subtle "platform" effect, to further increase his stature.

Face: His face is oval-shaped and fine-featured, very mobile and expressive. His usual expression is one of intelligent self-confidence and interest and humor, without any hint of condescension. He does employ make-up, but sparingly and expertly, to accentuate his beauty.

His ears are delicate and sharply pointed, neither large nor small. His nose is straight, his cheekbones evident, and his jawline firm. He has no facial hair.

His mouth is neither full nor thin lipped, but well-shaped and sensuous. A hint of tastefully applied lip gloss can be seen. He has a very engaging smile, and he smiles often. On occasion he can do a truly brilliant smile that lights up his face and is difficult not to react to with awe. He has good teeth; white and even.

Eyes: His eyes are hazel in color, greeny-gold, and are arguably his best feature. They are remarkable; large (but not prominent) and slightly slanted and particularly pretty, framed with long thick eyelashes of a lighter shade than his hair. His eyebrows are also of this lighter shade. Lexy's eyes reveal a depth of experience that belies his apparent youth.

Hands: His hands are soft and long-fingered and look delicate, but his grip is firm and his fingers are surprisingly very strong. His nails are long and well-kept, the pinky nails the longest, approaching half an inch in length. At first glance his hands do not seem to be calloused, but a closer inspection does reveal a few callouses commensurate with long regular use of a rapier. He is right-handed.

Gear: He is always dressed impeccably; his clothing and person are well-groomed, and attention to detail is everywhere apparent. All his accessories match. He prefers gem-like shades of blue and purple and gold, in rich fabrics such as satins and velvets. Somehow he manages to look fabulous in things most people would shudder to contemplate wearing.

On his left hand is a plain gold wedding band, worn smooth and thin from age, which he almost never takes off. He wears a wisdom amulet modified to serve as a locket around his neck; he almost never takes it off either. He wears one ear-ring, a single baroque pearl, in his right ear.

He does not have a typical outfit; by preference he never wears the same thing two days in a row, but his armor is of light-weight leather and its colors are teal and electric blue, with silver trappings. He wears a matching cape when he goes out to fight, and a small round silver buckler on his left forearm. On his left hip he wears a rapier of exceptional beauty whose blade crackles with electrical energy, and on his right hip is coiled a supple black whip. A longbow is slung on his back, but he uses it relatively seldom. He hates helms, and almost never wears one.

Personality and Demeanor

Overall: Lexy is imperious, flamboyant, bossy, friendly, curious, interested in everything, inquisitive, loquacious, adventurous, entertaining, sensitive, empathetic, kind, courageous, stubborn, impatient, proud, enthusiastic, clever, witty, highly emotional, and passionate, passionate, passionate!

Lexy is by nature a voluptuary; he adores sensual pleasure and prefers to give all such experiences the time they deserve; he indulges and savors. He is also by nature prone to addiction and obsession, which, however, are countered in him by other forces and therefore seldom gain hold of him for long.

Lexy has a great deal of self-control, but he prefers not to use it, and somewhat resents having to. He has also great skill in subterfuge, but he prefers not to use that, either. He tends to wear his heart on his sleeve; whatever he is feeling his expressive face and manner typically shows clearly. He is quite unashamed to show emotion, and laughs and cries with equal open-ness. When he does not wish to show what he is feeling, however, he can hide it very, very well.

Presence: Even when just standing still and saying nothing (which he seldom actually does) Lexy is hard to miss. He tends to draw the eye. He is terrible at being stealthy; he much prefers to be seen. He is extremely charismatic and persuasive, though his appearance does not tend to invoke awe or fear. He is very approachable and usually seems mostly harmless, though rather too elegant and self-possessed to be a natural target of ridicule.

Socializing: Lexy loves to socialize. He is genuinely interested in people, and is very outgoing and gregarious. He loves parties and social gatherings. He talks to anyone, regardless of their race or status or whether they are beautiful or not, and he gives everyone the same attention and respect. He is very comfortable in social settings, and very good at schmoozing.

Lexy has a reputation for flirting with just about anyone, male or female. Soon after his arrival he became known as a playboy, and he still shows a marked appreciation for a good-looking face and form, though for some time now he has reluctantly declined all offers of romance, explaining with regret that he has chosen to forego the pleasures of the flesh in the hope that doing so might aid him in his "Psionic pursuits".

Nevertheless it is obvious that Lexy still feels attraction and desire. Astute observers would note the extreme difficulty he has in keeping to his course, especially when faced with temptation, which he very much prefers to always give in to. He seems not to have any particular "type" (or species) that he favors, and he is interested in both sexes, though he does lean toward men.

Lexy seems impossible to embarrass. Only one person has ever seen him blush, and that only once. When he is made to look ridiculous he is either angry or amused, depending upon the circumstances, and lewd talk leaves him unfazed (and likewise unperplexed). Nudity, his own or that of others, does not bother him in the least, though he is mindful of others and does not disrobe or ogle if he thinks it would cause embarrassment; while modesty is a foreign word to him, courtesy is not.

Lexy is always a gentleman where ladies are concerned. When a female approaches he always stands, and he always treats ladies with the respect he feels is due their sex unless and until they make it very plain that they are not worthy of it. He will not fight a lady unless he is first attacked, and sometimes not even then, depending upon the circumstances. Ladies always get the benefit of the doubt. He will take from a lady (and by lady he means any female) abuse he would not tolerate from a man. He tends to open doors for ladies and pull out their chairs for them, and dive immediately to retrieve for them what they drop, and all that sort of chivalrous thing.

Mannerisms: Lexy always emphasizes his words with gestures; his hands are never still when he talks; in fact, one gets the impression that if they were tied behind his back he would become by necessity mute. He often cocks his head in a very fetching manner when he asks questions, or when he is puzzled or curious.

Speech: Lexy's voice is light and musical, not deep, highly inflected and expressive, and very pleasant and interesting to listen to. He is a good amateur singer, and he likes to sing; he is a tenor. He is an excellent storyteller, and he is very good at conveying emotion through tone and emphasis. He is good, also, at catching the phrasing and vocal mannerisms of others; when he quotes someone you know who it is at once by the way he speaks, though of course he cannot copy voices exactly, and does not try.

Psionics: When Lexy uses his combat Psionic powers, he is (being Lexy) never quiet, and he does (being Lexy) gesture. He typically bites his lip a little when starting to manifest a power. He has to concentrate hard, and he cannot yet do it in the blink of an eye, though he is getting gradually quicker.

It takes a lot of effort for him to do them, and he has a harder time reacting to other things that are going on; if he is attacked while concentrating, his reflexes are slower. He is, however, very good at continuing to follow through if attacked in the middle of trying to manifest a power, but he pretty much has to finish before he can deal with the attack, which does make him vulnerable.

He is always very emotional when using his Psionics. For example, when he uses his exploding power, he throws his hands, sometimes fisted, out before him and screams like a maniac. He looks very wild, almost out of control. His facial expression is one of extreme frustration, and his whole body is tense and rigid, echoing the same. If you watch him, you can clearly see him assume this frame of mind, and you can clearly see him come down from it, which takes a few seconds, at least. It is almost as if there is a tiny little moment of homicidal madness right when he actually manifests the power. He cannot make anything happen dispassionately.

When he does Object Reading, or tries to see into someone's mind, he becomes oblivious to the outside world, and is completely vulnerable to attack. He does not see or notice anything going on around him, and he does not respond to stimuli.

Using his power is very taxing and exhausting for him, and this shows in him swaying, trembling, and panting as if he has been physically exerting himself. He also gets a killer headache, and will wince and rub his temples and close his eyes briefly. If he uses up all his power, he will sometimes faint.

Ranged Combat: Lexy has a good longbow, but he uses it seldom. He is proficient with it, but not expert. More and more he is turning to Psionics instead.

Melee Combat: Lexy typically uses his rapier, with which he is amazingly proficient. He fights with great grace and precision and (being Lexy) flair; he does not have brute strength to rely on, so instead he has worked hard to perfect his technique. He is breathtaking to watch; his expertise with the weapon is remarkable, and he can do a good deal of damage with it. He is quite good with his whip as well, but it does less damage, and he tends to use it in specialized situations, or for fun.

However, he is not tough at all, and when he is hit, it shows. It doesn't take many blows to put him down, and when his blood is up he tends to keep on fighting when badly hurt rather than retreat, which has led to trouble, though he is getting better about that. Even so, he can sometimes be laid low with just one or two blows, leaving him no time to retreat. His stamina is decent but not remarkable, and when he becomes exhausted he sometimes faints, particularly if he has been using his Psionics as well (he hates this, and when he regains consciousness he will try to pretend, in the manner of a cat, that he meant to do that, or that it didn't actually happen at all).

Lexy's views

On Religion: Lexy is famously non-religious. He believes the gods exist, or at least that beings called gods exist, but has said with conviction that he will never worship any. He is, however, respectful of the choices of others to follow gods, and respectful of some of the gods themselves (others, not so much). He has seen Almara and wants to be his love-slave. He thinks Shagarath is contemptible and fully intends to destroy him.

On the Arts: Lexy is a strong supporter of the arts. He is a patron of S.T.A.R., although he is not an artist himself. He believes art is important, and he appreciates and enjoys plays, paintings, sculpture, stories, and all kinds of music. He typically experiences art on a deep level, and has been known to become lost in contemplation of a work of art for some time. He is dismayed when art is threatened or destroyed, and will fight to protect it.

On Alcohol: He likes it. Lexy appreciates fine wines, and prefers them to hard liquor. His favorite drink, however, is rhum punch. He does not disapprove of drunkenness, and has said that he rather enjoys getting drunk himself on occasion, though he has warned that he tends to get (more) amorous when in his cups. His tolerance for wine is a bit higher than would be expected for someone of his small size and delicacy, as if he has spent rather a long lifetime building it up, but this is not the case regarding hard liquor, and in general he does not hold his liquor well but gets drunk quickly and easily.

However, very few have ever seen him drunk; he has been thoroughly drunk only once since he arrived on Hala/Ysgard, and tipsy to varying degrees only a few times. He has been careful for some time now not to drink more than a glass of wine on occasion, and that slowly. Usually he opts for water or juice instead. He refuses to touch Fey wine. He has made clear his determination, for the forseeable future, to avoid inebriation.

He is protective of drunken people, particularly if they are ladies, and does not allow them to be taken advantage of.

On Politics: Lexy is interested in politics as he is interested in everything to do with people and society. It is a game he is in many respects well-equipped to play, although he does often find it frustrating.

On Love and Romance: To Lexy, there is nothing more important than love. He is very passionate and romantic, and he supports and reveres true love wherever it is found. It is, in one way or another, the driving force behind everything he is and does. He will fight for the cause of love.

On Life and Death: Lexy believes in enjoying life and living it to its fullest. He strongly disapproves of unnecessary martyrdom, and has said that the thing he hates most is loss; that is, losing people he cares for; however he does believe that there are causes worth dying for.

Quotes from Lexy

Things Lexy has been heard to say either often, or in situations where it may have been documented.


Quotes about Lexy

This section is for other players to speak about Lexy, either IC or OOC. Things that can grant insight into how Lexy would be perceived. Feel free to contribute directly, or you can PM me to add yours. PM me to add yours.


"When he's sane, he's the sanest man I know."
- Jean-Paul.


"There are no straight men! Only men who haven't met Lexy."
- DRUID523.


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Hala Boardname: Rudiki