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Full Name: Lily

Race: Elf

Gender: Female

Age: Unknown

Deity: None

Vocation: Unknown

Birthplace: Avlis

Current Residence: The Home of the Wandering Dragon




It is difficult to discern her mere acquaintances from friends, but Lily is most receptive towards Sceluscio, Morgan, Alexis and Xai





Lily's house was originally owned by a human man whom she spent much time with, but has long since disappeared.



History - Past Adventures:


Birth and Raising in Avlis

Lily claims to have been raised by her Ice Mephit Daryl in a snowy valley of the Deglos Mountains. Daryl says he found her abandoned in 'the deep' and took on the work of raising her, though why, Lily has not asked, as his initial motives may have been less than honorable.

Coming to Hala

When Lily came to Hala the original staunchly Godless attitude of Hala was still held by most adventurers.

She gained herself a small reputation writing amateur poetry about the happenings in Mirtho from the perspective of the famous Mirtho Campfire, which she posted in the Starlight Inn. When not writing, she engaged in ludicrous performances, along with Daryl, including such acts as eating a pie with the biggest spoon she could find.

Minotaur War

Lily herself took no vital position in the war. While corpses and carnage beyond number littered the fields, Lily ran among them, looting when there was no explosion to run from.

Drow and Drider War

While drow and drider beyond number littered the underground tunnels, Lily ran among them, looting when there was no explosion to run from.

History - Recent Adventures:


Sometimes Lily makes appearances in Mirtho, inviting others to outings. Besides this she is rarely seen and is not known to be doing anything.

On Lily


Hair: Silvery, and lightening to white with age, with braids starting at the temple and tied back around her head.

Skin: Ashen

Build: Thin, petite, typical elven.

Face: Sharp and fine features, with a small nose and pointed chin. Stoic and usually cold expressions, exceptions made among friends.

Eyes: Grey, with a harsh gaze, often scrutinizing

Clothing: Lily rarely alternates outfits, wearing one robe always, but occasionally tailors it to a new design of black, white, or a combination of.

Personality and Demeanor

Presence: Lily's presence depends upon situation. She is known to swiftly take the position of a leader.

Socializing: Socializing is easily awkward, more so in large groups. Her attitude is very detached, her answers often too serious in connotation, even having a light-hearted denotation. She is easily impatient and dislikes idle conversation when plans are made. Towards strangers or those she disfavors her words are biting and insults insinuated.

Mannerisms: Lily has no outstanding quirks besides her obvious indignation to "lighten up". Though she has a reputation of a cold and judging demeanor, she very often takes to guiding a new petitioner on an adventure, sometimes outfitting them entirely with new equipment and knowledge of the plane.

Speech: Her words are clearly articulated, but sometimes too formal and business-like, especially among strangers or new acquaintances.

Ranged Combat: Her primary form of physical combat, in which she wields a longbow.

Melee Combat: Daggers in the case of minor assailants.

Casting: Lily's principal offense, she releases a specified few types of evocative spells, in crippling amounts.

Lily's views

Religion: Commonly ranting about her religious views, Lily believes too much homage is payed to the pantheons and laments the decline of independent Halatians, making it well known her own lifelong abjuration of Gods.

Love and Romance: Lily is not known to be engaged in any courtships or relationships currently, and gives no advice on such matters, but does hold a sore spot for the title of Black Widow.

Quotes about Lily

This section is for other players to speak about Lily, either IC or OOC. .


OOC: Morgan quite likes Lily, although she thinks she is a little weird. Lily was kind enough to play hostess to Morgan and Ro's wedding

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Hala Boardname: Idonia