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Luke Greftlyn

Occupation: Paladin of Tyr and Vesta of the Fists of Raziel
Race: Aasimar
Class: Paladin
Gender: Male
Age: 22
Birthplace: Bastion
Deity: Tyr


Luke is a fairly handsome man with a square jaw and a warm smile. He has elegant chiseled features and fine silky silver hair. His blue eyes look like they were carved from sapphires. There is certanly an angellic look to his well toned and muscular body. He is usually seen wearing blue and whites or silver. Often times he is in armor, though he can be seen in basic garb as well. He keeps his equipment well maintained and tries to clean up as much as the situation allows for.


Though Luke is a paladin, he is fairly laid back and kind. His voice often jovial, and his demenor casual. Though when it comes to protecting the weak or smiting evil , he becomes a formitable foe and a couragous man. He is also a terrible flirt, though never enough to make a young lady uncomfortable.


Luke was born the eldest child of a blacksmithing family. He has two siblings, a younger brother, Varian Greftlyn, and a sister, Nadalie Greftlyn. At fourteen, Luke met his mentor Sir Argios Aznulth. He saw great things in Luke, so he took him as his squire. Over the next six years luke learned much from his mentor, till one day he was knighted a paladin of Tyr himself. These days he travels through the land of Ysgard smiting evil and righting wrongs.

Editor's Note: After resolution of the situation that began with his younger brother's disappearance, Luke was last known to be working as a blacksmith in Bastion.

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