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Peter Andar
Gender: Male
Age: 18 as humans count years
Deity: Frigga
Race: Aasimar
Affiliations: Merchants of Commerce


Peter was born in Nagritch. His mother Gwyneth Andar, had fallen in love with a Half Celestial who had fought with the Celestial Army. Gwyneth has never told Peter his father’s name only that he was “an angel with wings” and that Peter has grown up to look very much like his father. Peter’s grandfather, Tucker Andar, was a guard for the city never rising or having ambition to rise through the ranks, but proud of his duty. He has hated and reviled Peter since birth and calls him “half breed” instead of his given name.

Because of his birth place, Peter had always considered himself alone as there were no others who looked like him around as playmates or companions. The other children often teased him as well, mocking his obvious bloodline.

Exploring the woods and forests nearby, Peter found his escape there, often running away for hours, days at a time, but always returning home. While there, he met a panther cub name Kurohyou, Kuro for short, who became his friend, playmate and closest friend. After a nasty argument with his grandfather when he was 10 years old, Peter decided to run away for good living happily among the creatures of the forests.

Gwyneth never stopped worrying about her son, whom she loved dearly. Peter returned to see her briefly every once in awhile to let her know he was alright and alive. As he grew, Gwyneth tried to make him clothes to keep him warm and he took them to humor her. The temperature outdoors did not affect him due to his Celestial blood. The clothes he currently wears were made by her loving hands, though he has yet to visit her since his return to civilization.

The animals in the forests grew to trust Peter as he tended their wounds or hunted along side of them. He considered himself their protector. He has an easy rapport with most any creature of the wild.

Kuro prodded Peter to return to his own kind knowing that his path lay among them. She remained in the forest watching him and has once again returned to his side to hunt with him again.


Peter is shy and awkward around his fellows and being indoors for too long is unsettling to him. He does not mind caves. Beds are a mystery to him, preferring the branches of trees or if he is too tired to climb the ground as a safe place to sleep. He missed Kuro and is glad she returned to his side.


Peter stands well over 6 feet tall. His hair is long and silver in color, his eyes the color of clear rich amber. He is broad of build and muscular, built more from his life in the woods than any kind of physical training. He is handsome and has the unearthly quality of beauty that his Celestial heritage suggests, although due to his life in the woods, has a rather unkept appearance. Dirt, mud, twigs and leaves are often intwined in his hair, on his clothes or on his boots. There are a several scars on his chest and back that look like claw marks. The insides of both wrists now bear a small scar identical in shape and placement from his participation in the ritual of the Seven Deadly Sins to help Cassandra ascend to demi-god status.