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Rhys Farynth
Gender: Male
Age: 27
Deity: Thor
Race: Wemic
Occupation: Gladiator turned Adventurer


Rhys earliest memories are of a solitary youth in the outskirts of Tel. Over time he came into the city more and more, spending the occasional night in the orphanage. Far more often his nights were spend out under the stars. As he grew older the culture of Tel led him to the gladitoral grounds. His natural strength made him a natural choice as a gladiator and he soon found himself battling in the arena.

Half-wild already his savagry found a home in the blood and battle of the arena. He gained a reputation as a ferocious opponent over time, more animal than anything else. A reputation he fostered and enjoyed. As time went on he began saving up what gold he could from his winnings and eventually ventured out into the world to make his way in it.


Rhys's personality is an interesting mix of contrasts. Since leaving the arena he has become dissatisfied with being thought of as a savage animal. He strives to become more civilized and takes care in his speech and actions to pursue it. This in turn has ended up making him more quiet and a bit withdrawn. Battle still draws forth the savagry from him, but he does his best to keep it under control. More and more he has become a sort of noble savage.

Becoming a cleric of Thor has also contributed to his refinement by teaching discipline that he had lacked before. Never having had a formal education of any kind he is not the most intelligent person, a fact he is acutely aware of. This too adds to his reluctance to join in weighty conversations that often are above his head.

He does, however, possess an earthy sort of wisdom. His time in the arena made him an excellent study of people. Watching them to learn their strength and weaknesses, their habits and motivations. Not one to typically offer advice he can be a surprising source of it when it is asked of him.

He is often uncomfortable in big cities and large crowds although he would probably never show it. He prefers a trusted few companions and the wilds of the wilderness.

To those who have gained his trust, he is a fierce and loyal friend, gladly putting himself in the line of danger for those he cares for.