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Full Name: 'Soul' ( Solys )

He prefers to be called 'Soul,' and introduces himself as such.

Race: Human

Gender: Male

Age: Young Adult (Mid Twenties.)

Deity: None

Vocation: Guitarist and Archer/Hunter.

Birthplace: Hala/Ysgard Native (Exact location, Unknown.)

Residence: None.




Soul travels alone.


None known.



None known. Though he spent some of his youth in Whitewood.


None Known.

History - Past Adventures:



Born to a pair of wandering Gypsies, in an unknown location, (Presumably near Tel or Whitewood.) Little is known about his heritage other than what Soul speaks of, his unique accent and ethnicity does distinguish him from other humans. Raised on the road, and taught the guitar, and his various skills by his parents, Soul reached teen years before he was left in Whitewood to work and have a place to live. Soul has not seen his parents since. (OOC - His parents have names and history written. No one ICly knows besides Soul himself.)

Growing up in Whitewood

As a teen, Soul's family began to feel the burden of a low cash flow and raising a teenager. His father decided to sell a personally crafted guitar he made for Soul, to buy lodging and food for Soul to stay in Whitewood for an undetermined time, with Soul also working to pay his keep. The man who bought the guitar, has not been seen, but paid very well. Soul continued to work odd-jobs and farm work after the funds ran out, and stayed in Whitewood till adulthood. While the residents of Whitewood would know him, the sense of community they have with each other, fades in respect to Soul, and while he does speak fondly of the place, there are no known close ties to the residents.

History - Recent Adventures:

Man for hire

While not committing to any long endeavor, Soul has been seen frequently lending his skills to various other adventurers, he also tries to entertain other by playing his guitar and singing, or reciting poetry or stories.

On Soul Himself


Hair: Soul has very long black hair, due to his time in the sun, it is streaked brown. If worn free, it does curl tightly into ringlets but is not ratty or knotted. Usually kept in an array of beads and cornrows, it is loose and constantly being tossed about with his movements. Fully beaded and tossed back, it still easily reaches past his shoulders.

Skin: He has the skin of an islander. While it's natural color would be a light mocha, he spends so much time in the sun that it takes a darker tone, akin to caramel, or coffee with creme.

Build: Tall for a human, standing at six feet, he has a masculine build, while not strong, by adventurer standards, he has the build of a healthy human, he has very little body fat, due to his diet and constant traveling and has grace to match sometimes almost moving like an Elf. ( OOC - 12 strength with an above average DEX (16+) )

Face: A plain face with high cheekbones, showing native ancestry, a flat forehead and angular features, he keeps his face clean shaven, but only grows very light facial hair when unshaven. A broad and strong chin with wide lips. He is very handsome by some definitions but carries no unique facial features, other than his unique hairstyle, he would easily be described as nondescript. When he smiles, he has a lopsided grin, save when he smiles fully, which reveal straight teeth.

Eyes: Very dark brown eyes, which tend to reflect his mood. He seems to avoid eye-contact with almost everyone.

Gear: Other than a very expensive cloak he has recently been wearing, he carries nothing unique aside from a pair of gloves which he keeps in his bags. He always has a bow on his shoulder, and many arrows at hand, but it's a simple bow, with little more than some personalizing from his own hands. He is usually seen with a guitar, and other than being well kept, it was featureless. Currently he carries no guitar, but has added a tambourine on his hip, which he plays like a bongo, rather than it's traditional use.

Personality and Demeanor

Presence: Extremely friendly, and moderately polite. He has a good nature and is often nonchalant. He has a very laid back approach to almost all things, and is very non-confrontational. When he does involve himself he has an intensity and passion that is often only seen when playing a guitar. He stands stall but never at attention, always casual and relaxed. Often he can be seen leaning against something, arms folded, and a lop-sided grin on his lips.

Socializing: He never seems to have a problem at least being cordial, and rarely expresses personal views, especially when it involves another person. A witty sense of humor, and a crazy streak, he likes to make people laugh, and try to find comfortable means of joking with people, if he offends, he is quick to apologize, and seeks resolution. Doesn't seem to be easily offended himself.

Mannerisms: He has a lot of energy, and often is drumming his fingers on things, swinging his legs, or flipping something around in his hands. He tosses his hair about a lot, sometimes for being in his eyes, sometimes just to resettle the locks on his head. He always has an air of non-conformity and relaxation, and doesn't seem easily rattled, and rarely looks tense.

Speech: Somewhere between a baritone and bass, he has a strong and powerful voice, singing he has quite the range, and skillful control of his vocal chords. One of the most peculiar traits about Soul is his very unique accent. While he is smart, and can speak eloquently and can enunciate proficiently, he often speaks loosely, using slang, and letting his accent bleed through. It doesn't seem familiar for any native. He often calls people 'Mon,' 'Bra,' 'Bro,' 'Bruddah,' 'girl,' and the like, And words with the 'th' sound tend to be truncated to be a sharp 't' or 'd' sound, sounds with 'yoo (Ewe)' sometimes have a hint of a 'j' sounds. While he speaks clearly, and his common should be clear enough for anyone, it's obvious the accent comes from far away. ( OOC - Take a mix of Spaniard and Jamaican accents, and you'll get the idea.

Ranged Combat: Favoring the long bow, he has an intense gaze, and quick arms, firing arrows, lately even continue to work with the bow at close range.

Melee Combat: He has very little martial prowess, but seems to be able to handle himself well enough, either using a staff or spear, or sometimes the dagger strapped to his chest.

Casting: He casts Bardic magic, and does so passionately, but instinctively, he seems to have learned the skills at a young age, and doesn't exhibit an formal academic interest in Bardic magic.

Soul's views

Religion: Very agnostic, Soul seems to have an aversion for organized religion, however shows deep respect for those with faith, and while he is uncomfortable in a church, he is quick to show deference to clergy, assuming he respects them or their faith.

The Arts: A guitarist by trade, and talent in the literary arts, he loves all things passionate. While he enjoys visual arts, he seems to have a peculiar taste in it, and has not shown any work of his own.

Alcohol: He does not drink socially, but has been known to share drinks with those close to him. He never drinks in excess.

Politics: His political views are unknown, and he actively avoids discussions about it.

Love and Romance: An artist and a passionate one, he is known to say "Love is everyt'ing, mon." He is has a very traditional point of view, when it comes to commitment and love, and exhibits a bit of a naive innocence about romance.

Life and Death: He sees it as a cycle, a very "live and let live" approach to others, he is quick to draw a weapon, if provoked. He knows that the plane is what it is, and figures, those that can come back, will, and those that cannot, will go elsewhere. He believes that everything will sort itself out in the end. He does cherish life, and doesn't recklessly murder things, or trample fields. However, when wild animals attack, he has no personal restraint on defending himself, and only stays his hand if someone he respects, requests it.

Quotes about Soul

This section is for other players to speak about Soul, either IC or OOC. Things that can grant insight into how Soul would be perceived. PM me to add yours.



Contact Information

Hala Boardname: Xanthalas