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Celestial Order Sword

Full Name: Sulavan

Race: Aasimar

  • Aasimar features: White Hair, Goldern Eyes, Unnaturally intense stare

Gender: Male


  • Deceased from ingame events

Deity: Almara

Alignment: Give you 1 guess

Class: Paladin

Birthplace: Takaii|Bergs of Hala

Can usually be found at: Ysgard or Celestia



-Member of the Celestial Army|Celestial Order:

History - Past Adventures:

(Some of the following has occurred in game.)


History - Recent Adventures:

Celestial Army

Celestial Order

Future goals

On Sulavan himself:

Celestial Order Sword



I seen dis tall man, 'e wuz slim but 'e look loike 'e wuz 'arden' from battle an' 'ad 'ard fla'lus fe't'as.

'is 'air wuz so blond it wuz white an' 'is eyes seemed ta b' golden in t' light an' deep as coal in t' shadows, an when 'e looked at ya it wuz unnatural it was. It wuz like 'e was lookin' right frough ya, right frough an' inside ya. Y'know?

'is face showed little expression wun I seen 'im, but der wuz a few lines on it wut ta me 'e's quick t' anger, if ya kna wha 'am sayin'?

'is jaw wuz set firm, and his bearin' wuz tha' of a noble warrior, unbendin' purpose an' clear conviction lioke.

An' 'is back wuz like it wuz made of a single iron rod.

- A rather poetic Nagritch commoner asked to describe the killer of wanna be blood mage



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Contact Information:

Player: Sulavan

Hala Boardname: Sable