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Tanaris Andar
Gender: Male
Age: 20
Deity: lip service to Cassandra the Blood Matron
Race: Human
Affiliations: Cousin ~ Andar, Peter


Tanaris was born in Nagritch. His father Gavin was a guard, spending a lot of time "patrolling" the local pub, and mother Shayla, a Sorceress, often spent time at the university. Tanaris often was left in the care of his loving grandfather Tucker Andar and his aunt Gwyneth who lived there as well. When he was three his aunt gave birth to a son of mixed celestial blood, though she was not married. Tanaris was eager to play with his new cousin but though the city had reached an agreement with the CO, old hatreds ran deep among some older residents. Tucker and Gavin Andar were two who still held that grudge and made clear that Tanaris was to stay away.

Soon Gavin lost his job as a guard, coming home in a fit one day smelling heavier then usual of cheep ale, laying all blame on his "whore sister who couldn't keep her legs together and her bastard half breed spawn." Taking what little the family had Gavin took Shayla and Tanaris far away. Moving to the mountains near Bastion. Shayla didn't take well to the new climate and soon fell ill. Tanaris still too young to understand it all watched as she slowly faded away. Meanwhile his father took solace in the bottle, day by day feeding his habit with the family's life savings. Tanaris grew to hate what his life had become, and like he had been taught his anger focused on the cause of it all, his half breed cousin.

Taking his fathers sword one day Tanaris made up his mind to reclaim his lost life and headed down the mountain untrained it didn't last long before he ran into some ogers and he was beaten down. It was then that a traveler leaving Bastion found him and the ogers, in blinding speed he killed the ogers though used no weapon and wore only a meager robe. It was the most amazing thing young Tanaris had seen, he took one look at the sword that had proven useless to him then to the man. It didn't take him long to decide, as he scrambled to his feet running to keep up with the monks walking pace.


He usually has a defencive reaction to most people to push them away


Tanaris stands roughly about 5' 10." His hair is short and black, his eyes are green like his mothers. He is slim but muscular for a human, from years of training. He has a rough handsome quality to him.

Since his 'awakening' at the hands of Cassandra Tanaris was left with blood tatoos along his upper arms , chest, and back which are clearly visable most of the time as he still fights shirtless. Though he has stopped his pysical training He remains slightly above adverage streangth, but his features have become more defined and handsome.


Permision to use 'Peter Andar" given by his player Tremayne7.