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Unien Tir'ende'dwa
Gender: female
Age: unknown but approximately 150
Deity: searching...considering Bahamut
Race: elven


Unien is what is known as a petitioner. As such, she doesn't remember much of anything from her past life. Only a lingering image of her golden-winged, sparkling-eyed mother in the midst of throwing a fireball at the advancing men sticks in her mind. What she does not remember is that she lived in a place where dragon blood was simply not tolerated. Her father had hidden her mother for a long time, but soon enough, the men found the little family in their peaceful grotto and charged. Uni was too young and inexperienced to offer much defense, so her mother pushed her down into a small corner and stood over her. Uni is not aware, of course, that her mother died in this attempt to save her, the fireball and her magical protections being too little for the thundering hordes of men with swords and spears. There were simply too many of them, dark angry men who shouted "death to the dragonkin," and all three family members perished. Uni's death was instant as an arrow pierced her heart, so she did not see her parents fall. She was not even sure when she awoke in the inn in Mirtho that the woman she remembered was her mother, but Frigga answered that question for her in a dream. At Aranel's urging, she spent an entire night at Frigga's statue, and just before dawn, she dreamed of crossing a great desert where a magnificent winged lion walked purposefully toward her and gave her a slow but unmistakable nod. Uni still leaves gifts for Frigga from time to time in thanks--and hope that she can learn more of her parents and her past, despite Arcanen's urging that she forget what might be painful to remember. Her faithful familiar Cane followed her to this new plane and is her constant companion--her only tie to what was before.

She has found many friends among those who are also in this new place. Caleb, the first face she saw upon awakening and an instant trusted friend, was quickly joined by Peter, Bianca, Runa, Dorak, and others in a guild that served the merchants of the area. This newfound connection served her well, though she was always haunted by the memory of her mother. When Cassandra promised more information, Uni was tempted and gave her some of her blood, which Cassandra declared to contain the blood of gold dragons. The ensuing suffering endured by her friends sent Uni into a frenzy of guilt and despair that led to madness--and an odd lingering impression that Mister Seamus is always right. When her beloved teacher Celestian was blamed--and even seemed guilty--her madness was complete for a time. Afterward, in a show of loyalty to him, she joined the mage school in Heidabyr, but she is quick to inform one and all that she does not practice Cassandra's blood magic, despite her red robes, a gift from Celestian. She is currently involved in an attempt to form a guild that will help budding adventurers, though she is finding it difficult to keep in contact with the others. For now, she spends her time practicing her magic and her fighting skills so that she can defend herself and others.


Uni is the berg's resident innocent. Her trademark look is a blush, which Lexy admires and which an anonymous giver of gifts saw fit to incorporate into a lovely red hood with a daintily inscribed tag reading "Unien's Beautiful Blush." Her most important driving force, though, is friendship. Her ring, inscribed "Unien's Friendship Ring," matches rings she has made and given to her closest friends. Their bond is strong, even when they are apart. Despite her modesty and fierce loyalty to her friends, she does have a stubborn streak, which Tanaris has commented on almost as often as on her beauty and inner light. Despite her affection for the men in her life, she is determined not to become romantically entangled for a very long time.


Uni is a very small, blond elf with a quick smile and a quick blush. She is one of the shortest, slightest elves in all of Ysgard, but she is learning powerful magic, so she sometimes does seem to glow from within--though her friends say that is her inner light instead and nothing to do with magic. Her response is generally the trademark blush and a disclaimer that she is just "little Uni."