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Varian Greftlyn
Gender: Male
Age: 19
Deity: Forseti
Race: Aasimar
Affiliations: Member of the Keepers of Mercy, Celestial Order


Varian was born the second son of a blacksmith family in Bastion. As a child, Varian aided his older brother, Luke, in combat training, and aided his father at the smithy, but had no particular goals of his own.

At the age of fifteen, Varian came across a book while he was outside of the city walls. It was dropped open, as if someone had left it in haste, and left half buried in the snow. He took this book back with him to Bastion, and found it to be a book of prayers and stories about Forseti. Unable to find the owner within the walls of Bastion, and with the area outside too dangerous to risk trips all the way down the mountain, Varian contented himself with reading the book. Shortly thereafter, he began withdrawing from his usual activities and spent his time in libraries, or alone in contemplation. Little time was spent with his family and friends, and Varian would sometimes disappear for days at a time.

Varian spent many months visiting various cities of Hala and Ysgard before he joined the Celestial Order. As a priest of Forseti and a member of the Celestial Order, Varian is most often seen visiting places where he can do some good; writing letters, or researching. He has taken an active role in the aquiring of knowledge and the protection of Ysgard, including leaving Ysgard if necessary on short trips.

After a period of withdrawal to the Temple of the Aesir in Heidabyr, Varian traveled with a group to aid in stopping Shagarath; however the group was unsuccessful and he was not heard from again.


Varian acts both reserved and open minded, and chooses his words carefully even in conversations with close friends. He has a strong aversion to combat, preferring to make peace with the enemy if possible.


Varian is a man of average height, with pale silvery hair and blue eyes. He wears grey clothing trimmed with gold, though he's sometimes seen wearing a shining set of gold plated armor. Though Varian keeps his clothing impeccably spotless when going somewhere to be seen, it's often covered in soot while traveling, a result of frequent mining and blacksmithing. The backs of his hands are covered with prayers and oaths written in ink; sometimes this writing has been smudged beyond recognition.


Varian's parents live in Bastion; his brother Luke and his sister Nadalie travel much as Varian does.

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