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No Griefing

Grief-style playing, or griefing, is illegal. Griefing is defined by any style of play that makes the person playing a character feel genuine distress and anger through disruption of their gaming session.

Roleplaying Enforced

Hala is a roleplaying server. People should be in character at all times. Shouting is disabled. Using tells, IRC, and teamspeak to convey in-character information is illegal, however it is ok to use these media to talk about out of game things.

No PvP: CvC

Player vs. Player combat is illegal. However, Character vs. Character combat is LEGAL. A "player" is defined by the person sitting behind the screen playing the game. A "character" is defined by the alternate personality you portray within the game. Characters can have disagreements and fight over them, but as soon as it becomes a personal matter between the players behind the characters, it is no longer justified.

CvC Gentlemans Ageement

The Gentlemans Agreement(GA) is a set of guidelines that players have come up with to make CvC a fun, and fair occurance. The GA is not dm enforced, but rather player enforced. If you follow the rules of the GA when you participate in CvC, then you are covered by the rules of the GA.

Rule 1) No looting of items other than consumables. An example of a consumable would be a healing kit or a potion. Something that cannot be looted would be a weapon or a suit of armor. If you do not follow this, do not expect people to follow this concerning you.

Rule 2) Twenty four hour rule. The twenty four hour rule is in regards to when a character is beaten. If your character is beaten by another character, your character should not attack that character for twenty-four real life hours.

Rule 3) No spamming of combat feats and other special abilities. This would include the Shadow Dancers Hide in Plain Sight feat, as well as the Knockdown feat. Spamming would be considered doing it over and over again in a fight in a way that gives the other player no chance. An example would be for a fighter to use the Knockdown feat on a mage, and never let the mage get to his feet. Another example would be for a Shadow Dancer to use his Hide in Plain Sight ability over and over again in a fight. This is considered unfair as it doesn't allow the opposing player to fight back.

Rule 4) No spamming potions of heal or heavenly healing. In a fight, it is exceptable to use several potions of heal or heavenly healing, but when you use ten to twenty in a fight, it is considered unfair and annoying. Players that do this should expect to be looted of most if not all of their healing potions.

Summary) The GA is not a dm enforced rule, so you will not get in trouble with the Hala Team if you fail to follow these rules. However, the GA is a player enforced rule, which means that if you don't follow the GA when you CvC, do not expect anybody to follow the GA with you.

No Exploiting

Exploitation of bugs to gain experience, wealth, or to save time is illegal and a bannable offense. This includes duplicating items and inappropriate server hopping.

Common Sense

Common sense is a rule. If an action goes against common sense, it's not legal.

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