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About The Society of Theatre, Arts and Regalia

The Society of Theatre, Arts and Regalia (STAR for short) is a guild devoted to promoting performance and art across the plane. Membership is fairly informal and the guild survives mainly on the generous donations of its patrons. STAR has a guild hall with facilities that are available to members to use and may also be booked for use by the general public.

STAR is a neutral organisation and does not have any political ties or associations.

Pins given to STAR members and patrons.
Location: The STAR guild hall can be found at the Alliance Park
Founder: Rali'vinee Ish'tarestacia

Rules and Objectives

Prospective Members and Patrons

Those who are interested in the guild should either contact Rali'vinee Ish'tarestacia directly or leave a note at the guild hall.

Available Facilities

The STAR guildhall has several facilities available for those who wish to hold their own shows or functions.


The foyer of the guild hall also serves as a gallery for displaying paintings, sculptures and other works of art. The galley may be booked for private showings and exhibitions. Donations of works for display on either a loan or permanent basis are gratefully received.

The Muse

The Muse is a downstairs bar, theatre and stage and can be booked for functions and shows.

Unique among the planes is the Ganoomadramamatic 3000, a machine that provides lighting and stage effects and greatly enhances performances at The Muse. The Ganoomadramamatic 3000 is included as part of The Muse, but due the complexity in its operation, one of the guild members must be on hand to oversee its use.

Upcoming Events

Charity fashion show and auction: Details to be announced

Members and Patrons