South Camp

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Borders:Nagritch, Mirtho Rest, and The Great Divide
Location:Bergs of Hala

South Camp is a semi permanent camp site just south of the main gates of Nagritch that has lasted long enough that some people have been born and raised there and then started to raise their own children. Although Nagritch lays no claim to the area, and do not impose their laws there, their Guards do enforce order. Travelers are free to come and go as they please, as long as they keep to themselves.

Places of Note

Beetle Farm: Larry Shmo’s Beetle Farm is through the gates at the south western end of South Camp. The farm is a popular place for those just starting out and looking for work. Legebriewyn Meir tends the apple trees while the beetles feed on the roots below.

Locals of Note

Thrar Luelefer: Thrar spends his time near the gates to Nagritch, enjoying the scenery.