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Climate: Snowy
Ecology: Arctic
Size: Large City
Education: High
Average Race:Human
Borders: Frostheim Mountain
Location: Mainland

Bastion is the main city on the mainland of Ysgard. It sits on the shoulder of Frostheim mountain, and it's alpine climate keeps snow on the ground almost year round. It is by far the largest population center on the mainland, and an adventurer can find most supplies they would need. Among other merchants there is an armor shop, a weaponsmith, an alchemist, and an arcane shop for magical sundries. The temples also sell some limited supplies and will perform healing duties for most visitors in need.

Nearly opposite of Nagritch, whose populace view most deities with disdain and suspicion, Bastion is a city of faith. The Aesir are followed here with a fervent passion. Odin, Heimdall and even Loki have full temples in the city proper. The army of Bastion is one of the most ferocious in the bergs. Even the city guard is exceptionally trained, and has been known to smite down the most powerful of malevolent wanderers entering their gates. A wise person would follow the law to the letter inside the city.

Other areas of interest in the Bastion area include the sewers(cleaner than most!), Frostheim Mountain, and an archaeological dig site near The Pines. There's also a monastery near the gates, but word has it they don't welcome visitors too kindly.

Outside the city gates roam all sorts of creatures of the cold, from Polar Bears to Frost Giants to Ice Elementals. A lone traveler without the right skills can quickly find himself in dire trouble. More than once the gate guards have come to the aid of a half-dead adventurer running to the safety of the gates from the wilds with half a dozen Frost Giants on his heels.