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Names: Forseti the Peacemaker
Status: Intermediate Deity
Symbol: Scales or Silver Rod
Home Plane: Ysgard
Alignment: Neutral
Portfolio: Peace, Justice, Truth, Mediation
Worshipers: Judges, Advisors
Clerical alignments: N
Domains: Protection, Strength, Knowledge
Favored Weapon: Longsword (Or Golden Battleaxe in some mythology)

Forseti is one of the Aesir, and presides over law and justice. His parents are Baldur and Nanna. Forseti is known for settling disputes through mediation; his solutions are so fair and wise that all who come to him with cases are given a verdict they consider fair. His home is known as Glitnir, the hall of justice, with pillars of gold and a roof of silver. Here Forseti takes on the cases of those who appeal to him for mediation.

Forseti's faithful act as mediators for mortals who cannot travel to the halls of Glitnir and need disputes settled. When possible, his clerics should strive to settle such disputes in a peaceful manner, and are expected to consider both sides of an argument before reaching a decision on it. They are to speak only truth, but should remain tactful in their choice of words. Some of Forseti's followers act as advisors for courts and the law local to their area. His clergy pray for spells at dawn so that they can serve their community throughout the day.

Tenets of the Faith:

To your Word be True - An Oath is a cause you would give your life for rather then break, for without your word you are nothing. Truth in actions and in words will prove yourself to all to which you speak.

Do Not Start Conflicts - Though Ysgard may have many conflicts, seek peace in any situation which has not yet come to blows.

Judge Fairly with Open Eyes - The scales of balance must not be tipped prior to the weighing. A Bias will result in an unfair judging.

Mediate When Called Upon - It is the duty of the clergy to take disputes, as is done in Glitnir, from any who come to a priest seeking Mediation.

Respect the Local Code of Law - Order keeps communities together; in each community that you visit, respect the local laws so as to preserve Order.

Duties of the Faith

The followers of Forseti generally choose to specialize in one of the three duties; often their specialization renders them unable to complete the other two.

Peacekeeper- A peacekeeper of Forseti is often a priest of Forseti, since it is the priests that are entrusted with the duty of Mediation and who are given divine powers (spells) to aid them in the task. A peacekeeper is expected to take disputes he is asked to mediate and come to a fair decision regarding them. A peacekeeper has no duty to take those disputes which are not brought to them, but often those drawn to the clergy care deeply about their community and peace, and so seek out disputes to solve.

Lawkeeper- A lawkeeper's primary duty is to maintain knowledge and serve as advisor of the laws to the community and to the government. Often these followers are found serving under a lord or as part of a council. Many lawkeepers are not priests, but strong followers of Forseti who believe in the maintenance or oder and fairness for all. Lawkeepers are usually sages and well knowledged in the history and lore of a particular town, so that they may offer advice at trials as to past similar cases. Lawkeepers are often trusted as judges for a court.

Oathkeeper- An oath sworn before Forseti is sacred, and Forseti looks harshly upon those who break it. An Oathkeeper is charged with punishing those who break their oaths or who go against the ruling at a court of Forseti after they have agreed to it. If the peacekeepers and Lawkeepers are those who guide the way with words, it is the Oathkeepers who are the hands and the enforcers. Paladins, Clerics, and Fighters who venerate Forseti often take this path of duty.

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