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Name(s): Freyr "Sunbeam"
Status: Intermediate Deity
Symbol: Ship Shaped Cloud
Home Plane: Ysgard
Alignment: Neutral Good
Portfolio: Sun, Rain, Fertility, Horses
Worshipers: Farmers, Elves, Druids (Any Neutral or Good)
Clerical alignments: LG NG CG
Domains: Air, Animal, Sun, Water
Favored Weapon: Light Flail

Freyr is the god of sun and rain, and the patron of bountiful harvests. He is both a god of peace and a brave warrior. He is also the ruler of the elves. Freyr is the most prominent and most beautiful of the male members of the Vanir, and is called 'God of the World'. After the merging of the Aesir and the Vanir, Freyr was called 'Lord of the Aesir'. Freyr was also called upon to grant a fertile marriage.

He is married to the beautiful giantess Gerd, and is the son of Njord. His sister is Freya. He rides a chariot pulled by the golden boar Gullinbursti which was made for him by the dwarves Brokk and Eitri. He owns the ship Skidbladnir ("wooden-bladed"), which always sails directly towards its target, and which can become so small that it can fit in Freyr's pocket. He also possesses a sword that would by itself emerge from its sheath and spread a field with carnage whenever the owner desired it.

Freyr's shield bearer and servant is Skirnir, to whom he gave his sword, which Skirnir demanded as a reward for making Gerd his wife.

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