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Name(s): Odin the "Allfather"
Status: Greater Deity
Symbol: The Valknut, a symbol consisting of three interlocked triangles.
Home Plane: Valhalla (Ysgard)
Alignment: Neutral Good
Portfolio: Wisdom, War, Poetry, Knowledge
Worshipers: Poets, Warriors, Hunters, Prophets. (Any Alignment)
Clerical alignments: Any Good
Domains: War, Knowledge, Travel, Magic
Favored Weapon: His Javelin "Gungnir"

Odin, the most powerful of the Aesir gods has many aspects. He represents war, battle, the unending hunt, wisdom, poetry, magic, and even death itself. Odin is often referred to as the one-eyed wanderer due to the fact that he sacrificed one of his eyes at Mimir's spring in order to gain the wisdom of the ages. Odin is known to welcome the great dead warriors who have died in battle to his hall in Valhalla. There he entertains them, gives them a never ending feast of mead and food in hopes that one day these warriors will rise to fight the final battle of Ragnarök. Odin also commands a group of warrior women known as the Valkyrie who collect warriors to bring to the halls of Valhalla to feast with him. Odin also has four companions. Two ravens known as Hugin (Thought) and Munin (Memory) and two wolves.


Odin is the first and most powerful of the Aesir. He was a son of Bestla and Borr and brother of Ve and Vili. Odin has many wives and through them has had many children. His first wife Frigg, he fathered his most gentle son Balder, who stood for happiness, goodness, wisdom and beauty. He also fathered the blind god Hod, who represents darkness. By the Earth Goddess Jord (Fjorgin) Odin was the father of his most famous son, Thor the Thunderer. By the giantess Grid, Odin was the father of Vídar, and by Rinda he was father of Váli.