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Name(s): Shagarath
Status: Demigod
Symbol: A skeletal hand holding a blackened sun
Home Plane: Hades
Alignment: Neutral Evil
Portfolio: Death, Undead, Magic
Worshipers: Those seeking eternal life through undeath, necromancers
Clerical Alignments: CE, NE, LE
Domains: Death, Evil, Destruction, Magic

Shagarath, sometimes jokingly called "Shaggy", is one of the newest deities to roam the known multiverse, which should make him someone not to crack jokes about. Most of the current generation humans in Ysgard still remember how their cities were ravaged by a lich, and not long after by a demilich. The adventurers tried desperately to stop Shagarath in his selfish and ruthless attempts to ascend to godhood no matter what the cost. But, due to Shagarath's superior strength, calculated recklessness, and abilities in gaining followers the last hope of the adventurers was soon lost. Not long after that Shagarath finally ascended, and became a true immortal.

Shagarath strives for nothing less than all the planes under his thumb – nothing else will do. He believes, through calculated risks, magic, and great sacrifice, that someone can ascend to the next successive level of power. The powerful are those who are willing to do anything to further their own gains. They must shed all their weaknesses and embrace the fact that they are doomed to failure otherwise. When appropriate, he is not above putting all his chips in one place when opportunities arise. This is why the faithful are regarded as dangerously volatile and more blatant in their involvement in schemes than the Yugoloths.