The Devourer

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Name(s): The Devourer, “The Sovereign of Wave and Whelm”
Symbol: A Bundle of Five Sharpened Bones
Alignment: Neutral Evil
Portfolio: Devastation, Hunger, Nautical Travel, Storms, Water
Allies: The Dark Six (Eberron Pantheon)
Foes: The Sovereign Host (Eberron Pantheon)
Worshipers: Sahuagin, Travellers at Sea
Clerical alignments: NE, CE
Worshipers alignments: NE, CE
Domains: Destruction, Evil, Water
Favored Weapon: Trident, Cutlass

The Devourer is one of a group of gods known as The Dark Six, part of the pantheon of the Prime Material world of Eberron. The Devourer is the god of nature's destructive powers, particularly the destructive force of water. As civilized folk might pray to a god of nature for a good harvest, they also pray to The Devourer in order to spare his wrath and protect them from flooding or drought. The oceans of Eberron are his alone, and any sailor (regardless of alignment or beliefs) would be wise to pay at least lip service to his power. In this capacity, he finds worshippers among sahuagin, lizardfolk and other aquatic races or people making their living from the sea.

Priests of The Devourer are familiar with nature in general, and with the weather and storms in particular. Most were fishers, sailors or slaves before becoming priests. Many of his rites involve sacrifice by drowning. Vassals entreat him to cease flooding or drought, and to show mercy when they are lost at sea.

Shrines to The Devourer are usually built of wood, and many are roofless, allowing water to enter freely. Others are built on the water itself, either on lakeside barges or in the cabins of seafaring vessels.