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Base: Half-Elf

Favored Class: Barbarian

Stats: +7 Str, +1 Dex, -2 Cha. +1 Con, +1 Natural Armor (Hide). Feats: Alertness, Skill Focus Hide ,Skill Affinity Move Silently, Skill Affinity Listen, Skill Affinity Spot

Wemics are lion-centaur creatures that originate from primitive societies in unsettled lands.

Wemics are generally benign creatures, but are quick to anger when provoked. In addition to being good hunters and having imposing personalities, Wemics are loyal and proud. This combination of traits makes them good to have as friends, and deadly as enemies. Because of their less than cosmopolitan norm, Wemics are often very superstitious and naive when it comes to the ways of the world.