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Andrinor small.jpg

Name(s): Andrinor

Status: Intermediate

Symbol: A vortex surrounded with red arrows

Home Plane: Ysgard

Alignment: Chaotic Neutral

Portofolio: Avlis Arcane Mortal Magic

Worshipers: Wizards, Sorcerers and Bards

Clerical Alignments: CN

Domain: Air, Magic, Knowledge, Water

Andrinor solely distributes and allocates the magic drawn from the Mortal Magic Vortex of Avlis. Whenever a wizard, bard, or sorcerer casts a spell on Avlis, they are drawing energy from the Mortal Magic Vortex according to his permission. The only exceptions to this rule are wizards, bards, or sorcerers who are of Immortal status and up. They have access to the God Magic Vortex, over which Andrinor has no control.

Andrinor is often disorganized and unpredictable in his methods, however people of all races and alignments worship him out of necessity. Many enjoy it, while others feel grudgingly at his mercy. Either way, they are careful, as they should be. Magic is a delicate art and needs to be respected. Andrinor supports this notion and he will take great steps to secure it.

Andrinor has clerics who perform devotions to him, but his church is very informal and not organized very heavily. Often his clerics are doubling as wizards or sorcerers, and seek to gain extra power from him by devoting themselves totally to his service. These individuals are granted cleric spells from Andrinor in the usual way, i.e. filtered through the God Magic Vortex.

Andrinor has a temple in Visimontium, and a shrine in Mikona.