Chaotic Neutral

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Perhaps the most misunderstood of the nine alignments, many people believe that all chaotic neutral characters are insane. While it is true that none of them are very predictable, insanity is not the province of the members of this alignment alone. Indeed all characters of all alignments are capable of insane and compulsive behaviors, but Chaotic Neutrals are not only the most inclined to this type of behavior, they are also the most famous for it.

Chaotic Neutral characters have little to no discipline. That is perhaps the only statement that can be made about this alignment that applies to all the personalities contained within its context. As a rule the only thing that concerns a Chaotic Neutral character is themselves. They seek to do what pleases them only, and don't really care if that pleasure includes anyone else. Chaotic Neutrals can also be surprisingly snug and unambitious. This lack of personal greed separates this group from Chaotic Evil characters, who are often very concerned with getting ahead. Chaotic Neutrals are also unconcerned with philanthropy in the least. They will help someone that it pleases them to, or someone who will pay them.

Chaotic Neutrals do not consider morality in their judgments, and about the only thing they stop to consider is whether or not they have a remote chance of success. The odds aren't usually considered, but even Chaotic Neutrals will not attempt the obviously impossible unless desperate (then watch out, anything could happen). Chaotic Neutrals aren't suicidal, neither do they shy away from trusting sheer luck, and hence the alignment has reputation for brash behavior.

Chaotic Neutral societies are anarchies. Everyone does pretty much what he wants, and therefore Chaotic Neutral societies are either very small, or do not last long at all. The only real example of such a situation is the Mad Max movies and others in the post-apocalypse genre. The very lack of authority invites its institution, usually by force of arms. It is also necessary to remind all that Chaotic Neutrals aren't insane, or crazy by definition of alignment. Chaotic Neutral characters as individuals may not take high risks, especially intelligent ones. However, they have a tendency to take odd approaches to objectives. Chaotic Neutral characters also thread intricate plots, but unlike lawful characters these plans are flexible and can change as whim and situation demand.