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In a sense, Lawful Neutral characters can be the most dangerous of all the character types, especially in large numbers simply because, for the most part, they are easily controlled. Lawful Neutral characters place order above all other concerns. To them the presence of a natural order is the way things must be, and any moral issue stemming from the use of order is completely irrelevant to them.

Lawful Neutral characters look for patterns in everything. They cannot accept the world as being chaotic, and they therefore devise systems to explain away anything chaotic in their lives. It is chaos that they fear more than anything else, a Lawful Neutral would endure a thousand tyrannies before living in an anarchistic situation.

The characters of this alignment tend to always follow rather than lead. Leaders in Lawful Neutral societies are almost always Lawful Good or Lawful Evil, for rarely does a character gain a position of preeminence without gaining some moral baggage along the way. Even when Lawful Neutrals do lead, they follow whatever laws and any precedent that preceded them. Lawful Neutrals are notoriously lacking in initiative, but to say they must have no willpower or individuality would be a mistake. Although they will fit in quietly and nicely when the powers that be follow the letter of the law, they can be a very painful hindrance to those who would try to follow the spirit of the law (Lawful Good) or twist it to their own ends (Lawful Evil). Order for its own sake - Lawful Neutral characters will stubbornly defend this principle to the bitter end. Just as there are few Neutral Good characters, so too are there few Lawful Neutrals. Most of these characters fall to the waysides of Good and Evil before holding their alignment long.

Lawful Neutral societies are almost always large, and always come with large cumbersome (and despite all efforts, usually comically ineffective) bureaucracies. Everyone in such a society is assigned a place in life. The goal of a Lawful Neutral society is to achieve perfect harmony, where everybody has a job, a place to live, and through the benevolence of a well run government everyone is happy (communism is an example of a Lawful Neutral governing system). Unfortunately, the willingness of these societies to follow orders and laws proves to be their undoing, as inevitably a few evil persons become entrenched at the upper echelons of government and are virtually invulnerable from removal or attack.