New Heavens

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Climate: Snowy
Ecology: Arctic
Government: Criminal
Size: Small Village
Economy:Depends on the pickings.
Average Alignment: Neutral Evil
Borders: Valley of Death, Takaii
Location: Shagarath's Realm

Even those that make their living from the suffering of others need somewhere to meet and exchange goods and services, and this village serves that purpose. Travelers who look too law abiding or colourful can be harassed and, at minimum, have it strongly suggested they leave so visiting in disguise or in numbers can be wise. If you have business here then you should travel north from the portal from north of Takaii. This will lead you to partway up a hill, a vast graveyard extending across the snowy expanse below and a mausoleum higher up on the hill top. There is little to recommend a visit to the mausoleum and the Wyverns outside it do not appreciate intrusions into their territory.

Traveling along the road past the graves you will soon reach the village, surrounded by impassible hills and woods, and above you as you enter is a shop called The Witch's Apothecary tended by a creature called Naettee. Ahead of you on the corner of the road as it turns east is a tattoo parlor run by an Orc female called Garbag Germax and imaginatively called Garbag's Tats. Next door to this is another building with an informative sign outside saying "Head Dye". Like Garbag the Elven proprietor of this shop, Amenia Redralle, is quite impatient with visitors who seek more information and swift to remind you of what the 'piking sign' says if you enquire what she does.

Opposite Amenia's shop and a T-junction is the building that is the main meeting place. Gnolls, Orcs, Lizardfolk, and humans mingle within and the Orc bartender Hodish has a good selection of drinks. In a back room is a shop run by a strangely glowing and transparent Orc called Kai that sells items. weapons, and armour tailored towards those who use stealth to their advantage.

Kai also controls, or used to control, a secret door to a private room for the use of clients and prostitutes. This was discovered when a party from The Tower of Iron Will were searching for a lost psion girl called Sara-Sue and were offered the services of a pair of young girls by a pimp. This led to unfortunate consequences for the man, Charlie Twofingers or Kor, as he eventually had to rename himself Charlie Noballs. Whether that pimp and those girls, who now work as bounty hunters for Hodish under the names of Princess Fire and Lady Purple, were replaced by others is unclear.

Outside and further along the road a shady looking fellow offers the usual discreet caravan services and then past him is Sneaky Pete's Tailor Shop, run by a winged Tiefling of the same name with the aid of a trio of Imps or Mephits. Valing selling the cloth dye, Krita the leather dyes, and Kusin the metal "dyes". There are also two tailor's desks and machines in the changing rooms to alter the appearance of clothes or cloaks.

A negative energy rift opposite the meeting place, on the other side of the stalk of the T-junction to Amenia's shop, provides a one way trip to the village of mockeries, ending in the pentagram there with red sparkles rising from it. At first this was thought the only way to reach the mockeries as it was the site of the mass murder and dark ritual that, perhaps, helped to create them.