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Climate: Temperate
Ecology: Cold/Temperate
Size: Small village
Political Affiliations: None
Borders: Nagritch, Pel, the Great Divide,
the Valley of Death, and New Heavens.
Location: Bergs of Hala

Takaii is a small village with a checkered past. Due to the actions of Shagarath (who was at the time a lich) all the inhabitants were turned into undead under his control. Later when he ascended to godhood he restored the village to life and then shifted it to the plane of Hades, leaving a sizeable hole in the berg. Later Shagarath returned the village to Ysgard where it has been rebuilt and is inhabited once more.

The woods around the village that separate it from Nagritch and the Great Divide are shadowed and mysterious, and have always been that way rather than this being due to the portal north of the village that leads to Shagarath's pocket plane. A second nearby portal leads to the far more pleasant destination of the Wemic village of Pel.

Places of Note

Tavern and Shrine: Followers of the god Olidammara opened the tavern after relocating from Bastion. The tavern is a popular venue for drinking and merriment. Finowynya Vinitia keeps several local brews in stock.

Caves: Behind the tavern is a damp cave full of slimes. The climate is just right for fungus as well. North of the village, behind a waterfall, is a cave that is home to several species of spider.