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Climate: Warm
Ecology: Semi-Tropical
Government: Pride
Size: Small Village
Average Race:Wemic
Borders: Takaii
Location: Bergs of Hala

A pleasant village of tents and palm trees surrounded on three sides by trees and on the fourth by water, reached through a portal just north of Takaii that links to a portal on a docked ship. There are no shops open to visitors but near Marrion, who buys Displacer Beast hides, in the southeast corner of the village there is some crafting equipment available for public use. A older Wemic called Auntie Gi runs things and a rather warty terrier called Spit welcomes visitors by trying to demonstrate his affection on their legs.

To the east of the village a trail leads into a forest mixed with high cliffs. This is not especially dangerous, though the Displacer Beasts can be difficult to hit and the strange flying heads called Vargs can see through invisibility. A cave in the cliffs to the east of this stretch of forest has Harpies within and just outside its entrance. A second cave, to the northwest, is far more dangerous and should generally be avoided.

Within this cave are small Green Dragons and soldiers who, like the Minotaurs of the Felmoran Ruins, have been touched by the energies of death. These soldiers can be challenging and past them and through a portal in this cave is the lair of a creature called Nostalge'la'vie. He had been one of Hel's chosen, a Draugar, but had either tried to escape her service or had been banished for stealing secrets, the first having been suggested and the second being what his diary claimed.

Unfortunately for him the painful deaths and suffering he and the other Draugar caused drew enough attention that his plan to leave Ysgard and its positive energies was spoiled, trapping him in this lair with his two wives. Almost as unfortunate for him, and for them, the reason they had gone to Hel was their hatred of him and his hatred of them. When he cheated on them they had decided to poison him to death, but this was the same night as he placed Nightshade Spiders in their beds to murder them.