Bergs of Hala

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The Bergs of Hala is the name given to the collection of connected bergs on one side of The Great Divide. The bergs used to be a single berg (much like the Mainland) named the Aulus Isle. When the isle was destroyed by The Great Split the survivors rebuilt what they could and set about connecting the scattered bergs together with bridges.

The bergs of Hala still move around. For the most part the bergs tend to stay in roughly the same place in relation to each other but do move en masse in relation to other places. The larger and most inhabitable bergs are fairly stable but as you travel further out towards the edges of the group the smaller bergs have a tendency to move.

The landscape of the bergs is quite varied and very much gives the impression that it was once a large land mass.



Mirtho Rest

Minya Island


New Nantes



White Wood