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Climate: Cosy Underground
Ecology: Caves
Government: Clans
Size: Town
Education: Good
Economy: Rich
Average Race: Dwarf, Gnome
Borders: Sagrin Jelf Road, Felmorian Ruins
Location: Bergs of Hala

Hangate was once a large mining city, but was reduced to rubble during The Great Split. The survivors picked up the pieces and the forges of Hangate are still warm. Hangate sits on one end of Sagrin Jelf Road with Nagritch at the other.

Places of Note

Docks: The docks are to the south west of the main settlement. The airship leaves for The Great Divide. Goignar Rhek sells tickets. A little girl named Irea is often found keeping to herself and watching the air ships come and go.

Hangate Mine: Following the bridge to the north west leads to the mine. The mines of Hangate have several rich veins, but are infested with dangerous creatures that are disturbed by the mining or come up from the old tunnels below. The mines also open out into the desert near the Felmorian ruins but the fighting there makes that entrance dangerous.

The White Star Alliance HQ: An orginisation known as the White Star Alliance have a compound near Hangate. They do not welcome visitors.

Hangate Cattle Farm: Rugnar Morspart runs a small farm in the north eastern outskirts of Hangate. He often welcomes help with his herd.

The Ironforge Inn: After a hard days work, the miners enjoy a drink or perhaps a hand of blackjack at the inn.

Hangate Forge: The forge lies within Hangate proper and provides facilities for smiths to perfect their craft. Moigan Chasholf and Drogu Rockslammer oversee things at the forge.

Locals of Note

Magnhildr: Magnhildr is a dwarven priestess of Skadi and offers healing and the blessings of her deity.

Jerry: Jerry sells armor and is an avid collector of ‘dwarven’ weapons.

Jerger: Jerger is one of the local farmers.

Pathal Allin : One of the few humans who lives in Hangate, Pathal sells torches and lanterns.

Koili Chasha: Koili crafts and sells high quality armor.

Gian Undt: Deaf as a post, Gian does a good trade in mining equipment.

Dela Gall: Dela Gall is one of the locals.