Sagrin Jelf Road

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General Overview

Sagrin Jelf Road is one of the major roads on the Islands of Hala and connects Nagritch, Hangate, Tel and White Wood by berg and bridge. Being such an important route, the road is a favorite hunting ground for bandits and goblins. Many travelers prefer the safer option of traveling by airship or horse.

Places of Note

An external view of the Black Tower.
The entrance to the Black Tower.

Black Tower: Quiet, eerie and still, the Black Tower stands at the end of the road closest to Nagritch. The weave behaves strangely in the tower and magic can be unpredictable.

Ice Palace: Dominating the middle of the road, the Ice Palace lives up to it's name. It is a cold and snowy mountain patrolled by frost giants, mephits and more. An underground river runs beneath the mountain and strange crystalline creatures can be found there.

Fensir Mine: This mine is long since abandoned and is overrun with trolls, spiders, and beetles. The depths of the mine extend into a dark cavern with abandoned buildings. From this cavern plateaus jutting from the side of the berg can be reached.

An external view of the Temple of Bahamut.
The Temple of Bahamut as viewed from the south-west.

Temple of Bahamut: Bahamut's temple marks the end of the road closest to Hangate. The temple consists of a tower built on top of a cave. The tower is several stories high and offers a commanding and spectacular view, especially at night. Many travelers agree it is well worth enjoying the hospitality of the temple until nightfall in order to gaze at the night sky.

Blackfire Cave: Home to a tribe of vicious orcs, the Blackfire Cave is a place to be avoided. Those who do decided to pay a visit can expect stiff resistance from the less than hospitable residents. It certainly pays to make an appointment first. Fortunately the cave is a little off the beaten path and you are not likely to find it unless you are looking for it.