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Climate: Temperate
Ecology: Treetop
Size: Medium City
Education: Fair
Economy: Fair
Average Race: Human, Elf
Borders: Sagrin Jelf Road, Felmoran Ruins, Goblin Chicken Farm, Talo Jed Road
Location: Bergs of Hala

Tel was one of the original four cities of Hala. It was destroyed along with the others, but was rebuilt by the god Kord. The people of Tel were grateful and have dedicated the city to Kord. The city is built in the trees of the Tel Woods and has a wooden wall that protects the main gates from attacks from the Felmorian ruins. Beneath it an ancient system purifies the city's water.

Places of Note


The gates of Tel are set into a fortified stone wall that sorounds the stairs up into the city proper.

Talo Jed’s Office: Talo Jed is a huge man with obvious draconic ancestry. His office is just outside the main city gates, but within the protective wooden wall.

The Light of Celestia: The Light of Celestia is a hospital and orphanage staffed by Cathella Kennesen, Tyllia, Sheren Jorinsen and the nurses Darielle, Danah and Delina.


The western outskirts lead to the woods and the roads to Nagritch and Hangate The eastern outskirts are reached through a wooden wall. The docks and the road to the Felmorian ruins are to the east. Eluir E’Lisurr sells tickets to the airships. An old man named Krindel can usually be found near the road east. There is a shrine to the Avlissian God of Strategy Senath on an artificial island just off-shore on Tel Lake.

Tel Main

The stairs from the gates lead up to the main district of Tel. The district is home to a sculpture of a giant sword which looks very much like a giant thrust it into the platform. Sarene Thendt runs an open air stall selling potions and a few supplies.

Mia Toria Inn: Tel boasts the largest inn on the burgs. The inn is a popular place and has a live band to entertain the patrons. Richanan tends bar and keeps track of the available rooms. The waitresses who work the floor offer a fine selection of drinks.

First Bank of Tel: Heda Derlson takes care of the clients of the bank. This is also where real estate can be bought in Tel and other places on the Bergs of Hala.


The arena dominates the northern district of the city. All sorts of events are held there, including training sessions by the infamous Coach Raptor

Temple of Kord: The people of Tel are thankful to Kord and have constructed a temple in his name. A minotaur known as Quin resides in the temple and challenges visitors to a hunt in Kord’s name.


Tel has some exciting shops that are located in the eastern section of the city.

Gloili Chasha: Gloili sells a good selection of weapons.
Elvorfiwiel Siana: Anyone serious about bows comes to Tel to buy from Elvorfiwiel. She crafts many of the goods she has for sale and is considered a master bowyer.
Lore Hallown: Lore offers a selection of magical wares as well as rods that can e used to alter the effects of spells as they are cast.
Ash: Ash is a large golem who sells armor. He doesn’t offer conversation, only armor.