Talo Jed Road

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A relatively short road that joins the Sagrin Jelf Road just outside the western gate of Tel, providing an alternate route between there and South Camp.

Places of Note

The Griffin Berg: An Orcish looking fellow called Cottleston P. guards a bridge on the eastern side of the first berg after the swamp south of South Camp. If you have the coin or the charm then he will give you the password so you may cross this bridge to hunt Griffins and endure magic spitting giant Caterpillars. Be warned though, he does not appreciate this berg being overhunted and the nearby statue of a Goblin Worgrider was not a statue until Cottleston had a Medusa head delivered as payment for some aid.

New Nantes: Approximately half-way along the road a bridge leads south to this village.

Goblin Worgriders: Slightly further towards Tel a group of these have set up camp. If you are cautious you can turn towards New Nantes before they see you, but barring invisibility or skills with stealth there is no way to avoid a fight if you wish to reach Tel. These Goblins are uninterested in simply charging a toll and their camp blocks the entire path.