New Nantes

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New Nantes

Climate: Temperate
Ecology: Rocky
Government: Theocracy
Size: Small village
Education: Low
Economy: Poor
Average Race: Human
Average Alignment: Chaotic Good
Borders: Talo Jed Road
Location: Bergs of Hala

New Nantes is a small community who have banded together under the guidance of their charismatic leader. The people of New Nantes produce quality goods and crafts that they sell to visitors.

The nearby mines are no longer in active use and have become a lair for various monsters and a base for a group of bandits. Some brave souls do venture in and there are reports of a few good veins still left in the mine.

The original Nantes (named after it’s leader) was one of the first four cities of Hala and was destroyed long ago.

Locals of Note

Floris: Anyone who wants to buy bags eventually comes to see Floris. She has a wide selection of bags and containers suitable for all sorts of uses.

Aderthe: Aderthe sells weapons and various armors.

Vinny: Vinny is a master woodworker and can usually be found working one a project.

Grischa: Many people claim that the apple juice that Grischa sells is the best they have ever tasted.

Kade: Kade offers a selection of leather goods that he makes himself.

Nantes II: The mysterious leader of the community claims to be “The mouth of the Dragon Spirits” He says that his old name is unimportant and that his new name is Truer He refers to himself as the second Nantes. Given that the first Nantes was compared to a demi-god, this is no small claim.