Goblin Chicken Farm

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Chief Grovel inspects the current crop
Climate: Temperate
Ecology: Fields
Government: Chieftainship
Size: Small Farm
Education: Low
Economy: Poor
Average Race: Goblin
Political Affiliations: None
Borders: Tel, Felmorian Ruins
Location: Bergs of Hala

The goblin chicken farm is a small community of goblins who farm chickens. The first thing that visitors to the farm will notice is the constant clucking of the current 'crop' of chickens. The chickens themselves are free to roam around the farm so there is a need to watch your step.

The farm consists of several huts and tents for the farmers, a pen for the chickens, a large barn and an administration building. It is quite small by farming standards (neither chickens or goblins requiring large amounts of land) and is not likely to support much additional livestock.

Goblins make surprisingly good farmers and the grounds are well tended with lush green fields and small beds for the corn, hops, onion and potatoes that the goblins grow to supplement and support their farming. Also at the farm is a golden leafed Quaril tree with plump purple fruit.

Interestingly there are no apparent guards at the chicken farm, yet it remains standing despite the numerous threats in the general area. No one knows quite what the goblins do with all the chickens, except that it is ‘bees secret goblin business’

Locals of Note

Chief Grovel: Grovel is chief of the farm. Audiences by appointment only.

Huglo: Huglo runs a small supply store with items of specific interest to goblins and other races of similar stature.

Chief Grovel’s Foreman: Former chief of the farm. The foreman’s main duties are reporting to the chief and ensuring a fresh supply of incoming chickens.

History and Events

The position of Chief changed hands when the result of the Gobbity Gobby Gob challenge went in favour of Grovel. The exact terms and nature of the challenge are not clear and are likely to be made up on the day. It is however known that chicken kickin' for distance was one determining factor.