White Wood

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Climate: Temperate
Ecology: Forest
Size: Village
Average Race:Human
Borders: Sagrin Jelf Road
Location: Bergs of Hala

The village of White Wood lies at the southern edge of the woods of the same name and is surrounded on three sides by it. Most of the buildings are simple semi-buried houses, the exceptions being the Hall of the Defenders and the Temple tended by a man called Derens just to the south of the graveyard.

A paddock was built at the western edge of the village when Uller granted the plane the gift of Horses and when these are not being tended by Gildan of the Defenders they are under the care of Callipso, who also deals with ticket sales and horse hire to travelers.

Between the paddock and the Defenders Hall a confused old man can often be found wandering. Opinions differ about whether it is better to sell him the odd items he wants or not. Some argue that it makes him happy to have them, and that happiness is worth the coin he insists on paying. Others feel that exchanging useless items for coin is taking advantage of his confusion.

Surrounding Woods

To the Southwest of the village is a tower that serves as the cap for The Spiral, a series of platforms and stairways around a central shaft. Long ago this was infested with Zombies and was the source for the 'White Wood Zombie Extract' drink that is still sold in some places. Presently the inhabitants are more fiery and make short work of the unfortunate Scouts that the village persists in sending there.

North of the village is the cave of Lianthalandarinus ("Lian"), the Golden Dragon who acts as guardian of the area. She is friendly enough to visitors who are respectful and who do not attempt to disturb her eggs.

Ettercaps and spiders can be found to the East and this can be good hunting for those who need the glands of the former for their various crafts.

And Northeast of the village are a pair of shops. Ace's Ranger Supplies, run by Ace Te'lyn, does much as it's name suggests and stocks ammunition, leather and wood working supplies, and healing supplies. Essence of the Wood, run by Anaraviel, is more focused on Druids and sells weapons, scrolls, and books suitable to them along with armour and shields made of leather and wood.