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Name(s): Uller "Far Shot"
Status: Lesser Deity
Symbol: A Longbow
Home Plane: Asgard
Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
Portfolio: Archers, Hunting, Winter
Worshipers: Woodsmen, Druids, Rangers, Archers, Hunters
Clerical alignments: CG, CN
Domains: Chaos, Protection, Travel
Favored Weapon: Longbow

Beautiful to look at and an accomplished warrior. Uller is often invoked by people entering single combat. The son of Sif and Thor, Uller has particular skill at skiing and archery. His cunning makes him valuable to the council of the gods.

Members of Ullers cult exult in combat as much as any Ysgardians, but they see no reason to fight up close when they can use their bows from a distance. When it comes to personal contests, they would rather compete at archery than with swords. As a hunter, Uller teaches respect for wildlife and nature. He warns against interfering with the natural balance and urges his followers to act like predators of the animal kingdom, hunting the less fit and leaving the young to carry on and continue the species.