Minya Island

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Climate: Sunny
Ecology: Grassy Island
Size: Village
Education: High
Average Race: Elf
Borders: Nagritch
Location: Bergs of Hala

Minya Island's arrival in Hala was due to the mercy of the God Almara, towards an island he had lived on for a long time as a child, and from it possessing the Tree of Naught. This tree could act as a portal to pocket planes within it and when the prime that Minya Island was on was destroyed Almara acted, drawing the entire island to within the tree and then sending this to safety. When he reversed the process and Minya Island fell into the inland sea that then existed it flooded much of Nagritch, which at the time was on Aulus Isle to the south of the impact point.

Although Nagritch is now surrounded by air or land Minya has remained an island in the more conventional sense and is known for its fine beaches and that its Elven inhabitants favour beachwear at all times. Animated furniture used to frolic amidst them before the route down through the Goblin Caves to the Naught Tree collapsed. More practically it is also known for its glass weapons and armour, made with the special local sand and remarkably tough, and a fine lounge offers a more intimate setting than the beaches. To the west the beaches are more dangerous due to giant crabs and a tribe of Sea Devils live within a shark-mouth entrance cave.

A ferry links the lakeshore north of Nagritch to Minya Island so travelers can enjoy the different attractions.