Mirtho Rest

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Climate: Temperate
Ecology: Surrounded by Mirtho Woods.
Government: Council
Size: Small Town
Borders: South Camp
Location: Bergs of Hala

Mirtho Rest is a small town located near Nagritch. It has been destroyed several times in its history but has each time been built again. After the most recent destruction a large wall was built at the northern end of the settlement to protect it during times of strife. Mirtho is surrounded by a lush forest with much wildlife. The shops in Mirtho are a big attraction for many visitors, who go there to shop, and to socialize at the local campfire.

Mirtho used to be connected to the rest of the bergs via a staircase in a tower in Nagritch. The tower was destroyed however and the ruins are long since gone. With the tower gone the berg moved and it took some time before new connecting bridges could be built. Mirtho can now be reached by a series of bridges that lead to Nagritch.

The citizens of Mirtho have formed a town council and are working towards making their town a better place to live.

Places of Note

Starlight Inn: The Starlight Inn is a large many-storied Inn run by Elor Jr’eir. Its lower levels feature bars, games, and baths; the upper floors have plenty of rooms for guests to stay at. A cozy alcove with a fireplace provides a somewhat private area for small parties to chat. The Inn is tended by Bert Snyden, Aretta, Kashia Bendt, Nanna. Together Aretta, Kashia and Nanna form the 'Bullseye Babes.' Starlight Inn’s resident dart-throwing team.

Hall of the Crimson Amazons: Mirtho is home to the headquarters of The Crimson Amazons. The hall itself is a single story building surrounded by a low wall with a gate. The Amazons have planted several colorful flowerbeds and the grounds are well tended.

Temple of Eilistraee: The Temple of Eilistraee is located on a small hill in Mirtho West. The temple offers a selection of goods and services. Ayl and Umiaark tend the temple. Tedia’s office is usually locked and anyone wishing to speak to the priestess should make an appointment.

Temple of Sune: Sune’s temple stands outside of the wall around Mirtho, on the road to Nagritch. The grounds are very well kept and many people enjoy making use of the seats just outside the temple doors while they sit in the sun. To the rear of the temple Sune’s faithful have planted a beautiful garden in her name. Visitors to the temple are greeted warmly by Signy, who also offers some basic priestly services on behalf of her lady.

Ironhand Armory: The armory serves as both home and shop to Seamus Ironhand, a local smith. There is a list of prices posted on a wall in the store front.

Mirtho Woods: The woods around Mirtho are bright and inviting. The animals are non aggressive and almost friendly. A walk through the woods is an enjoyable tour of natures beauty.

Mirtho Pond: The pond is situated in the north-eastern section of Mirtho and is a popular walking destination. The complete walk will take you through a quiet grove, flanked by two caves, the watch tower hill, the pond itself and back to Mirtho. A tribe of goblins makes their home in the area but local guards keep travelers safe.

Celestial Aspirations: Is a shop that sells supplies for magical spells and experiments. Lafreth Theoalideth owns the premises while Nicha Notton tends to the day to day activities of running a business.

Farshot Stables: Situated behind the Starlight Inn, the stables is home to the breed of chestnut horses placed into the Amazons care by Uller. The stables are named in his honor. Cariney Aerthennemen tends to the horses and makes sure they are ready to be ridden.

Dwarven Pride Armory: Tolinus Morge runs the armory and sells equipment that he either makes or trades for himself as well as selling stock provided by his cousin in Tel.

Deena’s Accessories: Is a charming little business run by Deena. She sells a variety of fashionable accessories for the adventurer on the go as it always pays to look good.

Vilmalia’s Arcane Supplies: Vilmalia Dy’nesifer sells scrolls, amulets and other magical items.

Mirtho Rest Tailor: The tailor not only provides a fine selection of off the shelf items, courtesy of Isania Cystinfalin but also caters for those who prefer to design their own garments. Elias Bellor, Calindra and Dugare Gravebolt all sell different dyes to further customize your creations.

Dual Danes’ House of Glamor: Once you have customized your outfit it is time to customize your body. Sharren Dane works on hair while his sister Shea does tattoo work. Sharren is much more approachable than his sister Shea, who has a disturbing collection of sharp objects.

Mirtho Rest Crafting Hall:A fine set of equipment for different tasks and an area set aside for lectures on the different skills and trades one can practice there.

The Fire: Just out side the Starlight Inn is the main gathering place in Mirtho. The camp fire is exactly that, a fire surrounded by a ring of logs and hay bales for sitting on. A kitten named Enrique stalks around the fire waiting for pats and tidbits as does a small Polar Bear called Schnuffles. Local rumor has it that teasing Enrique can be amusing, but the amusement would be felt by Loki as he watched the result.