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Raim Teglen
Gender: Female
Age: 180
Deity: Olidamarra
Race: Elf
Affiliations: The Amazons, Defenders of Ysgard
Class: Fighter/Rogue
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Born and raised in Hala Raim was forced at a young age to learn how to fight to survive. harvesting beetles till she was ready to venture further. She met a young woman on day down in the caves named lin. she told raim of the amazons , Raim returned with her to the hall and was given a book. she liked what she read and seeked out Ginah. She then joined the ranks of the amazons as an initiate. for a few years she learned theways of the amazons and evenutally was accpeted in to the order. Once in the order she rose the ranks very quickly. First being the blade Mistress then taking a step into being the Arch Mistress of the amazons. During her period of Blade mistress Raim also joined the Defenders of Ysgard. she grew quick in the ranks there as well and became one of a few officers in the defenders ranks. When she was asked to take over the Defenders she stepped down from the arch mistress of the Amazons to take on the Job. As a leader she made true and rightful decsions until one day her visions became a blur. A certain man pulled her away from her true duty of a leader to the Defenders.During that time with him she made enemies with the Celestial order and became an outkast. Most of her friends betrayed her and in the process she made a bad call with forced her mentor to take her leadership from her. Raim became so frustrated with what she had done she kept herself locked up in her home away from everyone but him. Once the said man died in combat she learned the errors of her ways.. Almost on the verge of being like the man she once loved. she sought the guidence of Odin and Olidamarra. both gods helped her through this time of turmoil. she has found her path once again.so she resigned from the defenders to take the time to set back and reflect on her life so far. Now more then ever she wants her resigniation taken back so she can be where she belongs. Protecting her homeland and protecting the people she loves themost. with a new and final leaf in her love life, Hopefully she completes the cycle of rejuvnation and comes back to h er roundabout place in the heart of the people of the bergs. She focus her energies on her goal to become the best scout and fighter in the land of Hala.. Only time will tell if her once days of old will repeat themselves or will she break the process of being broken....


Raim is very outgoing and is normally down for anything, however she does wear her heart on her sleeve. she loves to easily but when her heart is broken in two she seeks revenge for the one one who done it to her.. she is very easy to get along with. though she has burned a few bridges with people she is sometimes quick to make amends when she does.


Raim uses an ice dagger and a fire handaxe for close hand to hand combat.. but she prefers to use her trusty bow with she is very skilled with.. place and apple on top of a head and she will shoot straight in the middle of it..


Raim stands about 4'9 feet tall with a very slender but muscular build. she has dark brown hair and crystal blue eyes. she also has Tattoos on her arms and legs in dark green and light green coloration.


Raim owns a house in Mirtho Rest.