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About the Crimson Amazons

The Crimson Amazons is an all female group located in Hala. These women help to serve the greater good above all else.They strive to help those in need in any situation that may occur.

Amazon ring.jpg
Each Amazon wears a crimson red stone set in a gold band, which is the symbol of their guild and their pledge to each other.
Alignment: Chaotic Good.
Location: The Amazons Hall is located in the rear of Mirtho Rest.
Founder: Nibbles.
Prospective Members:

All women of good heart with a desire to better their abilities may apply.
All initiates to the Crimson Amazons are expected to serve for a period of no less than four weeks before they will be eligible to be considered for promotion to officer. All promotions are at the discretion of the Arch Mistress.

Training: The amazons hold two weekly training sessions. One on Tuesdays and one on Friday night. These training sessions are open and anyone is welcome to attend. These sessions are dedicated to Sif and her blessing is asked for those who take part.

Those interested in joining the Amazons, or attending a training session, should contact one of its members in game (or send a PM to Raim Teglen(princessofjustice))

Rules and Objectives

Hall of the Crimson Amazons at Mirtho Rest

As amazons we have the following objectives:

  • An Amazon must strive to improve her own skills in battle, be they direct combat, magic or something else. She must also help her sisters do the same.
  • An Amazon should do no unnecessary harm to good people nor should she do harm to just and good causes.
  • An Amazon should do her best to respect people’s freedoms and choices. People have the right to live their lives in peace.
  • An Amazon is free to help who she chooses but should keep in mind that she is expected to do no harm to good people and worthy causes through either her actions or lack of actions.
  • An Amazon is expected to stand by her sisters and offer support and guidance if asked.
  • An Amazon should try to use her talents to make life better for good people, not worse.
  • If any Amazon has not been seen on Hala or communicated in any form with one of the sisters for a period of 100 days. Her room will be declared vacant and reallocated. Any valuable items will be stored in a chest in the Arch mistresses room where they can be reclaimed.

Essentially an Amazon is free to do as she pleases, but should refrain from hurting good people or impeding good causes. She is expected to offer assistance if asked, but is not required to.

Amazon History

Forming of the Amazons

Chassagne was a mage who came from Avlis. She met K’Lari met her in Elysia. Nibbles met Chassagne in her travels and was later introduced to K’Lari. They became good friends and went on a lot of adventures together.

All of them came to Ysgard to explore the planes and ran into some interesting encounters. They also learned that Nibbles was from Ysgard, and that she wanted to start an adventuring troupe just for women. There wasn’t much of a reason for it, just something she wanted to do. Chassagne wanted to help women who couldn’t defend themselves. This formed the beginning of the Crimson Amazons. They went to Avlis and started recruiting people there. Everything worked out well and they quickly gained more members.

Nibbles disappeared not long after the Amazons really got started, and Chassagne as well after some time. One of the things Nibbles usually did was “rob” males of a gold piece. She was known to be 'a bit strange'

The Amazons reached a very low ebb about 10 years after they were founded. As a result of Amazons dying in battle, leaving to travel the planes, or just vanishing. Ginah the Archmistress was the only Amazon left. For a time it looked like the Amazons would die as a guild. But then new members began to arrive and gradually the Amazons recovered and became the guild they are today.

More recently the Amazons have changed their charter to better reflect their changing outlook.


Active Officers

Purr, offical Amazon mascot

Arch Mistress: Ginah Wenfella
High Mistress: Pugnar






Inactive and Retired Officers

K'Lari D'ila'mnefer Liera Sianoddel Nisa Veridi
Crepuscuaria Nawen Amakiir Aria Ashby Legs
Silverene Donkerkind Chassagne Berri Dala Blake
Lassarra Kyuva Calia Linass
Lana Scylya Delewiel Elrien
Larliea Millana Cathea Sophia
Brise Sianosef Ayerynae Centa Drill Nelly
Maywae Bodica Nibbles Elly So'Riatin
Dan'eth Nira Meriam Shani
Morgan Zahuul La