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Celestial Order of Ysgard


The Home of the Celestial Order, usually referred to as "The Keep", is located on the mainland of Ysgard, just North of the Great Divide. The outer grounds are open to the general public, but the main Keep is locked for the safety and privacy of the members. Visitors to the Bailey and Almara's Temple are welcome, just ring the gong and if a member is at the Keep, we will be happy to let you in.


The Guild was founded and is lead by the God, Almara. The guild itself welcomes those of all good religions.


Serving the Greater Good

Members are asked to take a vow to uphold ideas of serving the greater good and living honorably.

In addition, members are expected to TRY to uphold the ideals of an "Exalted* Good" character. The short of it is that there is no such thing as a "lesser evil" because every evil act, no matter how good your intentions are, scores a point for the dark side. However, we understand that in many DM plots there is no other choice but to accept the lesser evil and players are left feeling like they're in a no-win position. The best way to avoid this is to discuss the plot with the DM before the plot progresses to a point where there is no other choice.

Playing an Exalted Character Means:

  • Participating in acts of charity, which can be as expansive as the guild's current community project, to as simple as dropping the beggars in South Camp a few gems.
  • Respecting all life, even if you must end one to protect others. Even the lives of evil creatures have value.
  • Mercy is always given to those who ask for it.
  • Spreading positive energy, often in the form of healing.
  • Championing the cause of good under any circumstance even at great personal sacrifice.
  • Recognizing that it is far preferable to offer an evil soul redemption rather than destruction, but not all souls can be redeemed.
  • Spreading hope wherever you go.
  • Never use negative energy in any form. This includes things such as Cause xxx Wounds and Harm spells, raising undead, or using negative energy or vampiric weapons. Negative Energy is a bane to life and there is always an alternative to using it.

Law and Order

In addition to the above the Celestial Order recognizes its place as protectors rather that Law Enforcers. In areas or cities where Laws are in place, members of the Celestial Order are expected to abide by those laws and help the local officials keep the peace whenever needed, so long as those laws don't conflict with the ideals of the order.

In many areas such as Mirtho Rest there are no laws. In these places, the Celestial Order will use force if necessary to remove threats and to protect people and property.


The Celestial Order is what remains of the 1st, 2nd and 3rd Division Celestial army, previously stationed on Ysgard.

The Celestial army committed 3 divisions to ysgard in an attempt to stop the 'Blood War' from spilling over onto Ysgardian soil. The ancient Blood War fought between demon and devil threatened to unbalance the plane so a task force was dispatched. The Celestial Army ultimately proved victorious after many skirmishes, foiled plots and large scale conventional battles. Key among these battles were the discovery and closure of 7 gates which the demons planed on using for a massive invasion army.

Relations between the army and ruling powers of the island of hala were strained at best. Suspicion often fell on the Celestials. Even when accusations were proven false, appreciation was often only grudgingly offered, the people of Hala never fully trusting the Celestial Armies intentions.

With the threat of the Blood War largely withdrawn, little to no demonic activity, and the return of the old gods; Celestia decided to withdraw their divisions sending them to other needed fronts, leaving a small contingent of watchers in place to monitor activity. This is now known as the Celestial Order.

The Order's history has been far from the positive due to the unwillingness of many to let go of the often unjustified hatred still remaining from the time of the Blood War. A few still claim that the Order does nothing but seek glory and hoard information about happenings around the plane, however, the majority of these perceptions have been slowly changed through the years of leadership of Sara and now Jenai. Regardless of accusations or disagreements with others on the plane over choosing the right path over the easy or popular path, the Order has continued to do what it can to help and protect the inhabitants of both Hala and Ysgard, often at great sacrifice to themselves; Sacrifice that is rarely made public knowledge.

Some of the past events can be found here

Order Ranks:

Almara did away with the old ranks when he took up the mantle of leadership in late ((2008)). Almara also did away with divisions inside the CO. Almara is the leader and he speaks his words and wishes to Jenai, His Champion. Members contribute to fulfilling those orders using their unique gifts.

Current Members:

His Champion: Jenai Stronghold PM Jenai

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Honorary Members:

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Foot Notes/OOC Information

DM Representative: Arkon

'*' Exalted here refers to The Book of Exalted Deeds. This is not meant to suggest to we are trying to place our characters above others, but instead we are trying to follow a set of ideas that are described in the book. Reference here


The guild itself is Lawful Good with some members of Neutral Good alignment. However, the rare few Chaotic Good and occasional Lawful Neutral characters may be accepted if Almara believes they will conform to the guilds philosophy. Expect alignment shifts as a CO member.


The typical rogue would not fit in with the Celestial Order, but it depends on how the individual plays the class. All other non-evil classes are welcome.

Ways to contact:

  • Our IRC Room is #CO, all are welcome to join and chat, just be aware we may have to kick you out if private topics come up.
  • Jenai Stronghold, Champion of Almara: PM Jenai
  • Nerice Bloodforge PM ambrosia
  • Or PM any member listed above and they will pass along your message as appropriate.