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Jenai's Portrait

Full Name: Jenai Stronghold

Race: Human

Gender: Female

Date of Birth: Unknown

Age: Late 20's


  • Corwin Kinslayer- Husband: Paladin of Tyr
  • Shayla - Mother: Missing presumed dead
  • Name unknown - Father: somewhere on Hades
  • Chela Strongsword - Halfsister
  • Coran - adopted daughter
  • Jovial - foster son

Deity: Almara

Alignment: FOIG

Class: Fighter/Rogue

Birthplace: Bergs of Hala

Can usually be found at: Her home in Mirtho Rest



-Member of the Celestial Order: Keepers of Mercy:

   Rank: Ammenti

History - Past Adventures:

(Some of the following has occurred in game.)


History - Recent Adventures:

Celestial Order:

Currently is second in command of The Keepers of Mercy division.

Future goals:

To continue her work in the Celestial Order. To protect all inhabitants of Ysgard. She also plans to continue her visits to the orphanage playing with the children and teaching them skills to help them later in life.

On Jenai herself:

Portrait of Jenai made by silverdragonams


5 feet 6inches tall. Dark green hair and hazel eyes that change color with her mood. Her eyes have been seen to change from green to dark dark brown. She has the body of an athelete and though she is slim she has curves in all the right places. Jenai has a tattoo of a copper dragon on her left hand and a jagged scar running from her left shoulder to the middle of her back. Jenai's once green hair is now white the reason is FIOG.


Jenai's personality has subtly changed over the years. She is no longer the "wild child" who lusted for gold and adventure. These days she spends most of her time patroling Hala, visisting the orphanage, doing mass paperwork, and tries to stop those who would attempt to destroy or conquer Ysgard. Jenai makes an honest living these days mining. She enjoys her time and is often filled with accomplishment because of the swords she makes.


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Alexis Dufresne Montjoie: He unreservedly adores Jenai.

Contact Information:

Player: Jenai Stronghold

Hala Boardname: Contact Jenai