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Climate: Temperate
Ecology: Plains
Average Race: Halfling
Borders: The Far Wood

Nestled away in a hidden glen in the Far Wood, Reenkep is a quaint little Halfling village. The village used to be reachable only through a secret tunnel but is now reachable by horse. As news of the village spread it has become popular with local craftsmen.

Visitors who enter through the tunnel in the woods must pass through a pyramid shaped building infested with Kobolds. Magic is unpredictable in the pyramid. Those who arrive by horse however will find themselves in the residential part of the village.

Near the outskirts of the village an old ruin can be found in the woods, over run by spiders.

People of Note

Susie Weatherberry: With many visitors to Reenkep coming to craft it was inevitable that a crafting hall would be opened. Susie maintains the equipment and also sells a few supplies.

Merudo Gook: Merudo sells a selection of Halfling sized weapons that she crafts herself.

Frudo Brushe: It isn’t quite clear what Frudo sells. Until he gets his basement sorted his store is on hold

Froidoc Frick: Froidoc is an accomplished alchemist who is willing to train others for a small fee.

Peroim Jangelleas: Those in need of healing or magical supplies are well advised to visit Peroim. He sells a selection of scrolls and a few trinkets.

Merarry Teadows: Meararry is a charming woman who looks after the horses.